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A.P.C. release madras inspired S/S line

By admin on April 17th, 2008

madrasapc.jpgAs regular Brandish readers will already know, we’ve been on a madras shirt offensive in the run up to spring/summer.

Imagine our unbridled joy on the news those ever reliable guys at Atelier de Production et de Création (clearly long-time Brandish fans) have now released a completely madras-inspired line.

Designed by Jessica Ogden and Jean Touitou, and produced in India, the collection’s aesthetics stay true to madras’ heritage with epauletted shirts and denim Bermuda shorts.

So you’ve got no excuse now if you haven’t already picked one up.

Check out the rest of the men’s range at A.P.C.’s e-store

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Lad Musician short sleeved shirt

By admin on April 4th, 2008


In theory, everything about this Lad Musician shirt
shouldn’t work. (1) it’s short-sleeved (2)it’s multiple shades of blue and (3)
It’s a short sleeved shirt. This (rather weak) theory doesn’t hold up once you
look at the shirt, which looks great despite all the things it has going
against it.

The different shades of blue look great
because they haven’t gone completely crazy with it. The sleeves are the same
colour and the collar is the same shade as the left side of the shirt, giving
it more of a ‘frontman of a band’ look rather than a ‘cut up pieces of
different shirts and stitched them together’ look. The only downside of this
top is that you have to be in Japan to buy it.

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Topman half price sale

By admin on March 27th, 2008

topman sale picks short bag polo.jpg
Topman have a half price sale on so now’s the time to nab yourself some summer bargains. Their check shirt we featured as part of our Chris Taylor madras shirt picks is down to £18 and the geo print polo shirt will perk up your wardrobe in no time. £45 for a suede holdall is a bargain, and it’s great to have a bright red accessory. Finally, I couldn’t let a day pass without mentioning short shorts could I? Product links after the jump.

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Chris Taylor’s madras shirt

By admin on March 25th, 2008

three check madras shirts vintage.jpg
So the news is in on the provenance of Chris Taylor’s shirt and unfortunately it’ll be hard to get the exact same one. With the nonchalance of someone who doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job (jealous, moi?) the Grizzly Bear clarinettist simply replied:
It’s just a thrift store shirt I found somewhere on tour
Which means that if you want to emulate the look you’ll have to scour the vintage shops or simply take your pick from the three shirts I’ve dug out for you. Product details after the jump.

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Madras shirt spotted on Bricolage band member

By admin on March 20th, 2008

bricolage twee as fuck 1.jpg
Bricolage are a band I saw last week as part of the excellent Twee as Fuck club night, and as much as I loved their set (click on the link to hear the brilliant ‘footsteps’) what immediately struck me was the awesomeness of their outfits. Their bassist sported an impressive madras shirt and I immediately thought of all you lovely Brandish readers. Not only that but the lead vocalist had a fine print shirt, and the guitarist had a very special Fair Isle cardie and a quiff so substantial you could have quite happily built a block of council flats on top of it. See after the jump for more images of the band.

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Top Five Chris Taylor-style madras shirts

By ShinyMedia on March 13th, 2008


When Paul, one of our commenters asked where he could find a madras shirt similar to the one Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear is sporting in my short shorts post I went on a madras mission. I’m waiting to hear from Gizzly Bear’s publicist about the actual shirt (which will probably end up coming from a thrift store) but in the meantime here are my top five shirts to give you your madras fix. Land’s End seem to know their madras and their shirt is pretty cool but the jonquil colourway (behind the shirt) beats the moss green hands down. See after the jump for the rest of the picks.

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Raf by Raf Simons collection at ASOS

By admin on December 20th, 2007

Raf by Raf Simons is a new diffusion line
by, er, Raf Simons. Launched in 2006, the line has recently made its way onto
ASOS as part of their premium brands range. While I could be all bitchy
about things like these
, what’s the point? Everyone (ASOS included) know no one’s going to
buy them. In an effort to get into the Christmas spirit, I’m going to be
cheerful and choose my favourite piece from this collection. And…..drumroll
please… favourite piece of the Raf by Raf Simons collection

If you said that shirt was a bit boring I
wouldn’t disagree with you. It’s not going to change your life. But it is a
well made key piece that will be a staple in your wardrobe for a long time. At
£150, it’s not cheap, but at least you’ll be wearing for a couple of seasons.


Ted Baker shirt at Sarah Coggles

By ShinyMedia on May 16th, 2007


Sarah Coggles is a great store I’ve had the fortune to visit on family trips to York. It’s a wonder to go through their menswear which is more interesting than your average boutique. I like this Ted Baker shirt (£75) in a nice aqua-green; the pattern is retro without being kookily so and it nicely combines flowers with geometry. Use it to give a grey suit some personality, or wear with navy cords and Clarks shoes for a truly retro look.


Lanvin Shirt

By ShinyMedia on May 8th, 2007

LanvinCollars are shrinking. We’ve already seen the rise of the skinny tie in a reaction to the retro ultra-large tie and now wing-like pointed beats are being replaced by their smaller, more timid square cousins.
A prime example of small-collar chic is this shirt by Lanvin from Browns (£270): gone is the braggadocio of oversized cuffs and collars and the result is a neat and unassuming look. The blue and white pinstripe lends an air of refinement and makes it the perfect spring shirt.


River Island rolled sleeve shirt

By ShinyMedia on May 1st, 2007


Roll-up! Roll-up! Rolled sleeve shirts (sorry!) are still big this summer, and one of my favourites is this milky brown offering from River Island. Casual and smart at the same time it’s just what you need at work when temperatures start to rise and it’s yours for a reasonable £26.99. So roll up your sleeves (last time!) and get out to the shops!

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Paul Weller for Ben Sherman

By ShinyMedia on April 27th, 2007

Paul_wellerThe Modfather Paul Weller has teamed up with Ben Sherman to produce a range of shirts. Entitled Paul Weller Candy the range is made to the Weller’s specifications and features 5 bold stripe combinations. Weller gave precise specifications including cuff size, collar buttons and back pleat for the shirt which retails at £55. If you fancy yourself as King of the Mods then Ben Sherman have produced a limited edition version of the shirt which is only available at their Carnaby Street store and will set you back £120. For that price you get an individually boxed and numbered shirt made in in England and hand finished in Brighton.


Topman sale

By Isabelle on April 16th, 2007


Topman have got a sale on, and even though you’ll usually find me in Topshop looking at the dresses and  shoes I ventured downstairs and picked up a lovely shirt for a mere tenner. Steer clear of the trucker caps and rock dude belts and you won’t go far wrong. Take this black gingham shirt, reduced to £15 it’s a great fit thanks to their new slim sizing. Another good pick is their navy bomber reduced to £20, navy is a great colour for summer, especially teamed with brown and fawn colours.

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