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Reiss “The Great Tailoring Movement” lookbook shows off A/W 2012 suit trends

By Gerald Lynch on September 11th, 2012

Reiss "The Great Tailoring Movement" A/W 2012 lookbook

Picture 3 of 16
Picture 3 of 16

The nights are pulling in, our tops are getting thicker; Autumn is now in full swing. Reiss are the latest brand to reveal their Autumn/Winter collection, showing off their late-season suits under the heading “The Great Tailoring Movement”.

Taking its cues from the continued retro-renaissance, Reiss are getting in early on The Great Gatsby style-shift that’s sure to follow Baz Luhrmann’s big-screen adaptation of the flapper-filled flick.

As a result, expect to see plenty of tie pins, cufflinks, silk scarves and pocket squares, as well as modern roll necks and bold print shirts. Colours invade the jacket too, with prune shades and mohair blends alongside your regular charcoal greys.

“No longer will suits be stuffed in a garment bag at the back of the wardrobe waiting for ‘good reasons’ to be worn,” say Reiss.

“Instead, they can be worn on a daily basis in the smartest of all guises (three-piece, double-breasted, and with distinct styling), without the batting of an eyelid.

“There are various reasons for this. Firstly, there’s a shift in attitude towards the suit. Men are more at ease viewing it as an everyday piece, or at least they are more willing to wear it than before. It has broken its ‘stuffed suit’ reputation; basically dressing up is cool again. Furthermore, they look better. No longer is a simple style, cut and colour acceptable. This season the suit has moved on, and it offers so much more.”

For more on Reiss’s latest collection, click here.

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How to iron a shirt

By Laura on December 31st, 2011

From the classroom to the boardroom, the humble shirt has been your go-to garment for years and now gentlemen, the time has come to show it a little respect. So raise it forth from the depths of your wardrobe, free it from that sad wire hanger, and get ready to stand proud in a shirt fit for the finest of modern men.

As with any good relationship; look after your shirt and it will look after you. Think about it; George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, David Gandy – all perfectly turned out at any given occasion, and all with beautiful women on their arms. The obvious conclusion? Women love a well ironed shirt.

“But what about me?!” we hear you cry, fumbling to pull close your jacket over that crumpled excuse for an outfit. Well fear not, for we’ve teamed with Philips to bring you some top ironing tips… and no hanging your shirt in the shower “to steam it’ is not on the list!

Philips recently released the Man Iron to help those of us who are a bit more domestically challenged. This near-indestructible, sports-car inspired iron packs 2400W, a scratchproof soleplate and advanced steam technology, which should be enough to meet the requirements of any modern man. So for perfect shirts every time follow these five tips:

1) Cotton on to quality:
To look your best you need to wear your best. Choose a cotton shirt and avoid easy-iron fabrics – they are made with plastic so don’t look as fresh.

2) Heat it up:
Chose the right setting for your iron. For cotton shirts, chose a high heat and use steam to power out any stubborn creases. When it comes to removing folds, steam is the dream. The new Philips Man Iron delivers 100g punch of steam to bulldoze through even the toughest creases, leaving you to spend your time looking wholesomely debonair.

3) Get hot under the collar:
Start with the double thickness areas; the collar and the cuffs and iron from the centre
outwards. As the toughest parts, they’ll keep their shape and won’t crease while you work on the rest of the shirt. An iron with a slimmer tip will make it easier to ironing collars, cuffs and other harder-to-reach parts of the shirt.

4) Sleeve-sy does it:
Iron the sleeves next, as they can hang loose when you move onto the body – again preventing creases. Once they’re done, flip the shirt over and iron the back but be careful to avoid the buttons as they can leave button prints on the back of the shirt. Finish with the front of the shirt making sure that every last crease is out.

5) Hang and admire:
Like a fine piece of art, your shirt deserves to be hung properly. Ditch the wire hangers and find a sturdy wooden hanger. Not only will your shirts hang better on them and keep their shape for longer, but your wardrobe will look like that of a true gent. Win win.

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Paul Costelloe Launches Shirtscription Service

By Laura on November 10th, 2010


Don’t have the time to spend hours wandering around the high street searching for the perfect shirt? Inspired by the Mad Men school of class, Paul Costelloe’s new Shirtscription might be the perfect solution.

British Designer, Paul Costelloe, recently launched the new Shirtscription service. Available in either 3 month or 6 month subscriptions, the service offers customers a premium quality, two fold, European cotton shirt of choice, on the first of each month. The service also provides a more economical way of buying shirts with your 3rd shirt is free with the 3 month subscription and 6 shirts for the price of 4 with the 6 month subscription.

Check out the service on

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Affordable expression: custom T’s

By jsmith on July 10th, 2009


You can’t get a tattoo anymore, everyone has them. Everyone has t-shirts too but t-shirts cost, hurt and infect less.

You’ve been able to get your own t-shirts printed for years now, but until recently they have been on the shoddy and expensive side of things, now though you can get yourself a quality T printed with your personal slogan for around the £20 mark, not bad considering that’s what you would pay on the high street for a totally ubiquitous t-shirt. is where I get all my shirts printed up at, they give you plenty of options, free P+P and there is no minimum order- winner. There are plenty other places out there to get shirts custom printed so you are spoilt for choice, personally I like the classic black print on white but the possibilities are endless. So it’s time to get personal with your clothing and enjoy finding that fine line between witty and offensive.

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Giles Deacon’s second range for New Look hits stores on the 15th

By Isabelle OCarroll on July 6th, 2009

giles deacon new look menswear 2009.jpg
Giles Deacon for New Look, one of the few designer X high street collaborations for men returns next week with another collection, featuring a selection of shirts, t-shirts, jeans and knits.

We like that the New Look collections are a chance to see Deacon’s lighter take on fashion with witty t-shirt prints and bright colours. Hopefully we’ll see see pieces which push boundaries a little more in future collections but as always it’s baby steps for menswear. Having said that the designer himself wears quite simple and classic clothes, miles away from his last Pac Man womenswear catwalk show. What do you think? Take our poll and let us know!

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Tuck into some Tuk top threads

By Jonathan Smith on February 3rd, 2009


Sri Lanka, famous exporter of tea, coffee, coconuts, rubber (thanks Wikipedia) and now top quality shirts to your door. Tuk is a small venture from the sunny shores of Sri Lanka producing high quality check and floral print shirts, sourcing unique and high quality Sri Lankan fabrics and using ethical and local tailoring Tuk ensures the quality of their shirts. Fabric is bought in small quantities and each design is made in small runs meaning you’re unlikely to be walking down Oxford Street and see some other chump wear your threads (the Top Shop effect). All the designs are bright and colourful and the cut of the shirts slim making them perfect mod/indie boy staples. All the shirts come in at £55 with no extra for shipping- which is more than reasonable for a one off shirt.

Check out the Tuk-Shop website here or jump through to see my favourite pieces.

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Celeb Style: Wallace & Gromit in Harvey Nichols Adverts!

By Will Reid on August 25th, 2008

wallaceand gromit.jpg

Wallace poses in a Paul Smith suit and Gromit sits with a Duchamp scarf and pair of Ray Ban ‘Wayfarers.’

Zooey Deschanel, Agy Deyn, Irina Lazareanu, Vanessa Paradis; the fashion world is known for it’s adopting of a different muse for each different season. However, while most muses can be linked by their quirky style, elfin features and statement look, Wallace & Gromit really stand out from the crowd.

That hasn’t stopped Harvey Nichols from enlisting their modeling talent for their latest campaign and decked out in D&G shirts, Alexander McQueen suits, Paul Smith scarfs and Ray Ban Wafarers, I’m actually quite jealous!

Read on for more details and pictures- it’s worth it, trust me!


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Just in case you still needed some more t-shirts…

By admin on July 17th, 2008

Remember Graniph? If you don’t (and you’re too lazy to click the link) it was a t-shirt site which also hosted a competition to find new designers. The winners were split into one gold prize, ten silver prizes and nineteen bronze ones with Cho Jo Tzu taking the gold with her ‘Peace Love Rabbit Foot’ design.

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Love The Look: Richard Chai No. 8

By Will Reid on July 3rd, 2008

richardchai.jpgThis new feature highlights the looks we love. Whether it be charity-shop mannequins or fashion week-shots, we will tell you which outfits are rocking our fashion-obsessed world. The first post of this feature looks at Richard Chai’s collection and the one look that I would literally kill for. (Okay, maybe not kill but beat up that glossy male model for sure.)

The whole collection had the feel of street-style and with increased ethnicity in the models used by different labels I think it is clear that the industry is beginning to move away from high-gloss and fake tans. Why go for prissy Versace-boy when you can be an adventurous Dunhill-man?

Check out those high-tops and that two-tone shirt and I doubt you will be able to resist the charm of a young designer only in his second season. I would say ‘out with the old’ but then again I believe it unnecessary to have yet another look at Yohji Yamamoto’s ghost model.

(Image Source: Marcio Madeira)

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WISHLIST: Dries Van Noten Transparent Shirt

By Will Reid on July 2nd, 2008

driesvannotenshirt.jpgFor those of you who haven’t watched Amy Winehouse’s performance at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday, she does this thing where she pulls on her skirt while she sings. She looks to me a victim of ‘Summer Spirit.’

You know what I mean- when all you want to wear are your swimshorts and the thought of a buttoned up shirt and trousers makes you itch. Don’t worry Amy, I have found the answer to this shared problem and it comes in the form of Dries Van Noten’s transparent shirt. Seen in his current SS09 show, this shirt is striped and looks to be made of a silk-like material. It looks cool (in both the urban dictionary and weather sense) and with that white collar and contrast-stripe collar and cuff detail, is a perfect summer piece.

(Image Source: Marcio Madeira)

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Victor Glemaud S/S 2008

By admin on May 8th, 2008


Considering Victor Glemaud’s first collection was only Spring/Summer 2007, he’s garnered a remarkable amount of attention in a very short time. It’s no coincidence that he was a publicist before he moved into the fashion world, although he also worked as a design advisor for Paco Rabanne for a year before opening his own line in July 2006.

The sleepwear influence dominates Glemaud’s S/S 08 range with pyjama-like shirts, shoes that could be mistaken for slippers, layered cardigans and colourful smart shorts. The range is also designed with hot weather in mind – you’d be surprised at how many designers don’t do this – so the materials are light and airy. Stockists are pretty hard to find at the moment, especially ones that supply to the EU. For now, you’ll have to do with this interview on Glemaud’s essential items.

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Comme Des Garcons x Chromehearts

By admin on April 4th, 2008


Whilst collaborations are pretty standard,
it’s still interesting to hear of a Comme
Des Garçons and Chromehearts jewellery collection
. Looking at the
collection, it seems the idea of a CDG and Chromehearts collaboration is a lot
more interesting than the actuality of it. The shirts were almost too boring
for words – apart from the words I just typed – and the jewellery is good but dull.

Despite my knee jerk reactions, I’m sure
these will look much better in person when they launch in Dover Street Market
this spring.

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2K by Gingham Nat Finkelstein T-shirt

By admin on January 18th, 2008

In an ongoing bid to deny that the weather
is awful, I’ve taken to looking for the perfect t-shirt. It’s a long and
arduous task. I’ve travelled high and low, ridden treacherous seas, gone to
parts of the world Ray Mears is scared of and trawled a couple of websites.

Whilst my journey is far from complete, I
have found a few nice tees. This 2K
by Gingham shirt
features some iconic imagery from photographer Nat
Finkelstein. I do like this top, but I must say that it’s a little
underwhelming. Finkelstein’s photography could have been used in a more
interesting manner than simply printing it onto the tee verbatim.

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