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Topman General Store Shoreditch

By Laura on September 30th, 2011

Topman have just launched their latest concept store in Brandish’s very own neighbourhood – Shoreditch, London.

The store is set to function as a social and fashion destination for the local community. With its exposed brickwalls, it has a very NYC vibe to it and will feature a curated selection of key Topman pieces, seasonal project collaborations with a handful of branded items and limited edition artwork/books.

If your by Spitalfield Market make sure to check out the shop at 98 Commercial Street.

Designer Spotlight, Footwear

Julia Hederus x K.Swiss

By admin on April 3rd, 2008

K-Swiss were about the only sportswear
brand who hadn’t attempted to collaborate with any designers. Clearly they got bored of seeing Puma team up with Alexander McQueen, as they’re collaborating with rising designer Julia Hederus.

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Heroes and Celebrities

Style Icons: The Young Knives

By admin on March 12th, 2008


Although Indie style icons are plentiful,
they all seem to follow the same consensus of skinny jeans and trenchcoats. That’s
why the Young Knives are one of my favourite style icons. Sticking with the same
look – which could be described as fox hunter meets 60′s office clerk – since
2006, it’s clear that they’re not wearing their clothes as part of a fashion fad.

The clever mixing of herringbone and check by lead
singer Henry Dartnall (centre in the picture above) is like something you’d see
on the Sartorialist. The band also wear skinny ties, which give their outfits just
enough modernity to make the look fresh.  Look after the jump for their ‘Up All Night’
video, which is about beating up people in Shoreditch.

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Designer Spotlight

Buckler, a label to watch

By admin on December 19th, 2007

are who All Saints wish they were. Worn by legends like Iggy Pop and
oxygen thieves like Snow Patrol, They specialise in tailored fits. Basically
they’re an upscale All Saints. Even their logos are similar. Thankfully, their
knitwear is much more solidly made, managing not to feel like it’s going to
waste away if you dare put it in the wash.

They do have an online store but it only
sells one pair of boxer briefs. The picture of the boxers in hand is graphic to
say the least; tight white boxers reveal a little too much under sharp
photography. They do sell in Selfridges amongst other popular stores and will hopefully be fully available online later on next year.

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