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Casio dual time silver watch

By admin on February 9th, 2009

casio dual time silver watch.jpg

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This watch is the silver version of the black dual time Casio which we featured a while back. It wouldn’t normally warrant a mention but the combination of silver strap and black face is odd enough to give this watch another look. You can snap it up for 29.90 Euro from German website Coutié.

It has a geeky, ’60s space age feel and reminds me of the sharp characters in 2001, A Space Odyssey. They were dressed by the now, sadly defunct label Hardy Amies and the watch seems to embody this highly functional but undeniably stylish aesthetic. See after the jump for a shot of the besuited astronauts.

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Brandish Christmas Picks: Franklin Prince silver bracelets

By admin on December 17th, 2008

thai karen silver bracelet lapo elkann suit formal franklin prince.jpg
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Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re still stuck for ideas then Franklin Prince’s bracelets (£10) make the perfect stocking filler or thoughtful Secret Santa. Hippy chic is not something you often see on Brandish and to be quite honest I’m glad, but these bracelets are like a smarter, more grown-up version of the tat you wear around your wrist as a teen; men’s jewellery doesn’t get much better than this.

Lapo Elkann, Fiat heir and Gianni Agnelli’s grandson wears similar style bracelets with a suit to personalise a formal look and it’s a damn sight more stylish than donning a pair of novelty socks which lets face it, no one wants for Christmas!

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Clarks Originals Desert Boot goes metal

By admin on October 10th, 2008

clarks orginals desert boot traditional tan grey.jpg
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The Desert Boot is a design classic and is one of those items which never really goes out of style. I recently saw a well-dressed chap on the street sporting a suede pair with some tracksuit-bottom style cuffed trousers and it made a great outfit.

Clarks Originals
have some great traditional colours available for Autumn, their Desert Boot comes in cream, tan and ebony. They’ve also updated the look and brought out a pair in shimmering peach or silver and they’re about a hundred times better looking than they sound on paper.

The peach pair would look great with some faded grey jeans and in my dreams I’d love to see the silver pair as part of an all-metallic outfit… What? Pictures after the jump.

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Silver hi-tops from b Store

By admin on August 27th, 2008

mascaleros silver trainer b store.jpgFormal shoes have eclipsed trainers in the style stakes for a good while now but sometimes you just want to cocoon yourself in comfort.

b Store‘s Mascaleros silver hi-tops are comfy and plain enough to pass everyday muster while the silver finish adds a bit of a stylistic flourish. They’re reduced to £74.50 on the site and will make even the most simple combination of jeans and t-shirt look flash.


Just For Fun: Human Tetris!

By Will Reid on July 14th, 2008

I found this video on Youtube and couldn’t resist putting it on Brandish. Two minutes of innocent people trying to fit through weirdly-shaped gaps in screens of foam, only to be thrown into a pool of water.

And for fashion’s sake, who could ignore those silver jumpsuits? Hilarious!

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David Blaine holds breath for 17 minutes… In a silver catsuit

By admin on May 1st, 2008

So David Blaine once again hits the headlines thanks to his feat of staying underwater for 17 minutes and 4 seconds, breaking his previous record. For the event, which was screened on Oprah, Blaine donned a fancy silver catsuit and looked like some kind of superhero.
Although with superpowers like holding his breath and card tricks I don’t much fancy his chances at saving my life.

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Dior silver suit – Yay or Nay?

By admin on April 16th, 2008

diorsilversuit.jpgFirst things first – why are the pictures on of such poor quality? They make’s pictures look like a Rankin masterpiece. I wouldn’t usually complain about these things, but when it comes to this Dior Homme silver suit, you need high quality pictures to make a decision.

I’m in two minds about this suit, hence the yay or nay question. The first problem is the functionality of this piece. Unless you were an musician you would have nowhere to wear it to. It’s too flashy for work and too sharp for a casual night out. While it seems to be aiming to be worn by Kanye West, its closer to a Graham Norton outfit.

On the other hand, who cares about functionality? If you’ve established yourself as a leftfield dresser, you could easily wear this to work without anyone batting an eyelid. Well, they probably would bat an eyelid, but only because they were dazzled by the brilliance of your suit.

So what is it to be? Yay or Nay? Like a Beijing Olympics participant, I’m remaining firmly on the fence.


Metallic Silver Springcourts

By admin on March 26th, 2008


The whole metallic thing never really took off – mainly because most people didn’t want to look like an extra from a Kraftwerk video. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great metallic pieces to be found, like these metallic
silver Springcourts

Remember when we said that Springcourt trainers were the most comfortable trainers in the world?
That’s still true. The silver colouring means that these could also function as
a splash of colour in an outfit. So for 110 Euros, you’ve got the most comfortable
trainers in the world in metallic silver. What more could you want?


Neil Barrett Silver Shoes

By admin on March 3rd, 2008

Silver_shoesAttention! Silver shoes, people! Don’t you just wish you were a lady shoe so you could be these bad boys’ bitch? No? Don’t lie!
I think these are just pure hotness.  Nice job Neil Barrett. I love the scalloped edges and the perforated leather, which make for a very modern take on the classic brogue. And the attention to detail seems exceptional – witness the single horizontal bar tack stitch just below the laces. And, of course, they’re silver. Just try and stop me from matching them with a silver belt. They’ve not been shipped yet but they’ll be available soon from Yoox.


Paul Smith Bracelet

By admin on February 26th, 2008

These bracelets from Paul Smith have been around for a while but they’re proper nice. They’re quite masculine for a bracelet and they manage to straddle the hippy-luxury divide by being both a beaded bracelet but also made of silver.
It’s jewellery for the man who doesn’t wear jewellery and at £75 it’s quite affordable. The website says it’s 40cm long, but I think that’s a mistake as that would be longer than the average belt.
Available from the Paul Smith online store.


Metallic Converse trainers

By admin on February 11th, 2008


A wise man once said, ‘you can never have enough Converse all stars’. Clearly he was wrong, but you could always do with adding some metallic colours to your shoe wardrobe. Getting a pair of Converse in gold or silver should set you on the right path.

I know what you’re thinking. They look too span-dangly. Don’t worry, they’re actually quite understated for a metallic gold trainer. Well, they as understated as a pair of gold trainers can be, you’ll still stand out from pretty much everyone with these on your feet. But that’s a good thing.


Gold Shellys shoes

By ShinyMedia on May 2nd, 2007


Just in case you didn’t know here’s a little reminder: metallics are way in this summer. From Comme des Garcons’ gold saturated show, to Preston Ordinary Boys’ strop on Never Mind The Buzzcocks in a silver sequinned Burberry cardigan metallics are everywhere. If you feel like incorporating a little glitz into your wardrobe these gold trainers from Shellys (£70) are perfect, the slightly burnished colour makes them a lot more wearable than yellowish golds and they look very discreet when teamed with jeans.

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