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Go Pro with Converse and Share your Moves with the World

By shinychris on October 8th, 2012

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New Pro Streets game launches in six European cities alongside Pro Leather Vulcs

The new Converse Pro Leather Vulcs range has launched, and Converse has kicked off a European-wide celebration of street culture to mark the occasion. Pro Streets is an innovative game that seeks to find out what’s buzzing on the streets of six of the world’s most culturally diverse cities: London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Milan.

Setting up CCTV-style Pro Streets cameras across Europe, Chucks fans are invited to show off their most original moves – from MC battles to breaking, skate tricks to dance routines. The game launched in London on August 29, with cameras in five of the city’s coolest boroughs: Camden, Brixton, Mile End, Finsbury Park and Ladbroke Grove, open to anyone to perform, any time. The footage is uploaded to the Pro Streets website, where you can view what’s happening at street level, and vote for your favourite vids.

Already, there are hundreds of videos online, showcasing a crazy array of moves and performances – from solo singers to guys showing off their prowess with a football, it’s giving young kids a platform to show the world their skills. There’s no big prize money involved, just the chance to get some recognition, and for people to explore the creativity at play in some of Europe’s grittiest neighbourhoods.

Encouraging creativity like this has become the heart of the Converse brand ethic. Since their first iconic All-Star basketball boot launched in 1917, Cons have grown up on the streets, becoming an essential part of the youth aesthetic for generation after generation. Punk through grunge, hip-hop through indie, A-list celebs to the world’s leading sports stars – Converse have graced the feet of some of the world’s most creative and talented bright young things. Keenly aware of this fact, Converse has set out to shine a spotlight on, celebrate, and encourage the urge to create, and their Pro Streets game is the latest in a string of initiatives that have set out to do just that.

Setting up a recording studio in Brooklyn, Rubber Tracks, that bands can use for free, promoting emerging artists and sports stars of all kinds on their website, saving London’s legendary 100 Club with sponsorship, and launching their Fix to Ride scheme – fixing up battered and cracked bowls to make them skateable again, then opening them up to the public for free – these are just some of the things that Converse has been doing to enable people, especially the young, to do what they love to do. Of course, this is all part of building the brand, but it’s also giving something back to communities and kids who love their Cons.

If you’re in London looking to get involved in the Pro Streets game, you’ll find cameras at the Sobell Leaisure Centre at Finsbury Park, Mile End Skate Park, Aytoun Place in Brixton, Camden’s Cantelowes Gardens and Portobello Green Fitness Centre in Ladbroke Grove.

The new Pro Leather Vulcs range takes inspiration from the original Converse Pro Leather shoe, launched in 1976, and is available exclusively from JD Sports in the UK.


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Dear memoirs: do you know your belt size? I bet you don’t

By Jonathan Smith on September 30th, 2008


Dear memoirs, walking through the office last Friday between avoiding work down in the samples cage and avoiding work at my desk I was beckoned over by a young female buyer “What size waist are you?” odd I thought, interesting opening to any conversation. I mused for perhaps for only a second and responded “About a 30″ she looked oddly satisfied then slapped a belt into my hand a commanded me to put it on, not to upset the young Miss I obliged and began to remove my own belt, her eyes transfixed on my waist line. I thought in any other situation and I could be labelled quite the Cad, but this, was of course, only business. With the belt on and fitting perfectly the young lady asked me what size belt I usually take, “Ermm I’m not really sure, probably a Medium” she looked at me like I was a fool, and I was because the belt I was wearing was a Small, a Medium would have dwarfed me. I removed the belt and retreated to my desk feeling humbled.

True story that. My point is do you really know what size belt you take? It’s hard to tell and it’s tough for you to measure accurately the length of your current belt without knowing how to correctly measure a belt- step in Atsui and their super useful guide to belt measuring.

Check it out and never be made a fool of like I was.

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Nike Waffle Racer vintage-style trainers

By admin on July 31st, 2008

nike waffle racer vintage.jpgOld-school trainers are the best, I’m personally partial to dad’s favourite the Hi-Tec Squash but these Nike Waffle Racers are pretty close to the real thing.

They’re especially made to look exactly like their thirty year old predecessors even down to the aged laces (which I have on good authority aren’t all that as they look a little yellow and odd). So get yourself a pair of new laces and head down to Size? where they’re £50.

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