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Top 5: Skinny Summer Ties

By Will Reid on May 27th, 2009

toybreaker silk caviar tie bsd.jpgThe Times has a feature at the moment detailing the changing size of the common tie as we go through decades of economic change. Apparently John Lewis has announced “a dramatic inch-loss of nearly 25 per cent in width over the past six months” with its most popular ties. Charlie Allen, the famous tailor Brandish recently had an exclusive sit-down with over the new ‘n’ improved England kit, told the Times that “the impact of economic turmoil on tie design can be traced back through the previous recessions of the 20th century. While postwar Britain and the Swinging Sixties embraced exaggerated prints and widths of up to 5in, the downturns of the 1930s and 1980s saw sizes reduce to as little as an inch.”

See after the jump for my Top 5 ‘Skinny Summer ties’- on the cheap for your enjoyment! (They’re all under £10)

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Love The Look: Topman’s ‘Motel Arizona’ Trailer-Trash Cool!

By Will Reid on April 21st, 2009

motelarizona.pngI know, I know; Topman has become a bit of a regular feature on Brandish but when I noticed this look on the label’s website during my regular internet trawl, I couldn’t resist commenting.

While I’m not too sure about the rather peculiar Alice Dellal haircut (as highlighted in a previous Brandish post.) I think he gets off with it due to his incredible look- brash patter shirt, acid-washed jeans and skinny belt…but messy enough to avoid the overly-manicured style of the 80s fashionisto.

More to come on Topman’s ‘Motel Arizona’ look soon!

(Shirt, £25 on

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Poll: Would you wear skinny pink jeans?

By admin on July 9th, 2008

uniqlo skinny pink jeans sale.jpgUniqlo are always chock-full of sale bargains, but I wonder if anyone would go for their pink skinny jeans even with the reduction.

They’re down to £14.99 from £24.99, which a good price, but pink is a bit of a tricky colour to wear.

The shade of pink itself is a nice dusky colour which will look good teamed with neutrals in a colourblocking fashion. A nice touch is the dark stitching which gives the jeans a little bit of contrast.

So what do you think of these pink jeans? Would you wear them? Take our poll after the jump!

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Malnourished Models? – The New York Times

By Will Reid on February 11th, 2008

00012m_5I just found this article from the New York Times on the trend for skinny male models. In the article, Guy Trebay credits Hedi Slimane with popularising the waif-like silhouette for the modern man. I personally don’t think they’re too far off the mark as although glossy, silver-coated and decadently tailored, we only have to look at the pictures of the model who’s backside could barely fit into a pair of Dior Homme jeans to know that all is not what it seems when it comes to the traditional ‘beefcake’ image of male models.

So after my recent post on male-to-female trend transition, could we be inheriting another aspect of the fashion universe? I really hope not- there is already enough pressure on my waistline! See after the jump for a rather excruciating example of Hedi’s ‘beauty is pain’ denim.

Check it out on

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Loomstate jeans at New Dandyism

By admin on December 21st, 2007

The New Dandyism sale is worth checking out. Many items are 50% off, including these Loomstate jeans, which are only $69. In British money that’s like tuppence.

Loomstate design nice simple clothes with a nice and simple aim: to create demand for organic cotton. Since I blogged about organic cotton, I’m slowly becoming a bore obsessed. These look like a good fit – they’ve got a low rise and the legs are skinny without being too skinny. The shaping around the bum is very good and afterall, that’s the point of wearing jeans isn’t it? That and saving the world.
Get ‘em here.


Lanvin Shirt

By ShinyMedia on May 8th, 2007

LanvinCollars are shrinking. We’ve already seen the rise of the skinny tie in a reaction to the retro ultra-large tie and now wing-like pointed beats are being replaced by their smaller, more timid square cousins.
A prime example of small-collar chic is this shirt by Lanvin from Browns (£270): gone is the braggadocio of oversized cuffs and collars and the result is a neat and unassuming look. The blue and white pinstripe lends an air of refinement and makes it the perfect spring shirt.

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