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It’s time to branch out with these Marks and Spencers socks

By admin on June 3rd, 2008

colourful socks.jpgIt’s easy to assume that socks shopping will be easy. You assume that stores will have socks with designs and plain socks, all in a variety of colours and made from good quality cotton that won’t get a hole in a couple of weeks. Sadly this isn’t the case. When this happens you have to branch out.

Although I would never usually go there, M&S have some great colourful socks that are well made and downright cheap. This assorted pack of socks cost £10 and come in sky and navy blue, red and pink.

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Leather Puma Clyde trainers

By admin on April 29th, 2008


As you might have guessed, we’re quite the fans of Puma here. You could say that Puma is our version of crack. No matter how much we try to stay away from it, we just keep on going back for one more hit. This will be the last time you see Puma on Brandish. This week.

The reasons why we’ve decided to hit that crackpipe one more time are these sky blue leather Clydes. Puma have made Clyde their staple shoe, offering variation upon variation of what was once a basketball shoe. Although they should pop up on the official Puma site soon, for now they’re available on Rakuten.


Reiss Sky Blue Trench Coat

By admin on March 31st, 2008


Why do writers (myself included) challenge
your masculinity every time something like sheer shorts are on the runway? It’s
always ‘go on if you dare, if you think you’re man enough’ ad nauseam (I’ve
done this many a time, so I’m just as guilty as anyone else).  The reason this occurred to me is because I
was tempted to follow a similar theme with this Reiss
trench coat

But it’s not really a test of your
masculinity to wear a sky blue piece. People wear sky blue shirts and cardigans
all the time, so why not coats? The real test would be if you wanted to pay
£265 for an item that has a bit of a limited shelf life.


Paul Smith Belt

By admin on March 6th, 2008

Ps_belt If you’ve seen it go wrong, you might be reticent
about the splash of colour trend. I mean, a splash is fine, but too much
splashing can create a jarring effect. Seeing as accessories are the best way
to add colour to an outfit, why not start with this sky
blue Paul Smith belt

The great thing about the belt is that it’s
not meant to match. You don’t have to wear a matching sky blue watch and bag in
order to pull the look off, just have co-ordinating colours that draw attention to
the vibrant belt. The belt is available from the Paul Smith website for £75.

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