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Yukam Vivo Barefoot shoe by Terra Plana

By admin on April 22nd, 2009

terra plana slip on shoe vivo barefoot.jpg

Walking barefoot is one of the pleasures of summer, but unless you’re on holiday or a complete hippy with cowrie shells and guitar it’s probably better to wear shoes. Terra Plana have brought out their summer Vivo Barefoot range with a thin sole that helps you walk naturally, as if you aren’t wearing any shoes. Based on the Alexander Technique principle that walking barefoot is best, it sorts your posture and helps your walking technique.

The Yukam slip-on looks a damn sight better than an MBT and there’s no doubt it will make a great summer shoe. Terra Plana shoes are hard-wearing, and this one is bound be your faithful companion while you gad about enjoying the summer sun!

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Sale pick – Nanny State Canvas slip on brogues

By admin on July 8th, 2008

nannystatecanvas.jpgI’m for all the idea of wearing shoes without socks, but the reality can be painful. These canvas Nanny State brogues are a great compromise, doing what Nanny State do best and mixing smart and casual. As Will suggested, canvas brogues are best if you’re looking to pull off the short suits look. On top of all this, they only cost £14.99.

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