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Outkast’s Big Boi to become the “sock king”

By Gerald Lynch on July 6th, 2012

Outkast’s Big Boi is expanding his horizons. Not content with being one half of the most innovative rap duo in history, nor with taking rising stars like Janelle Monáe under his wing, he’s now setting his lofty sights on…socks?

“I’m the sock king!” announced Big Boi during a recent GQ interview, revealing his forthcoming line with Crooks & Castles after being complimented on his own green and pink pair.

“They’ve got a cape on the back – that’s how I flew here. I got my own socks line coming out with Crooks & Castles. Head over to 677 Antone Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 30318 and get some!”


I, for one, can’t see how the leading lights of the sock industry have had such blinkered vision to overlook the potential of cape-packing socks before. I’m ordering a pair for each day of the week right now.

Big Boi, whose real name is Antwan Patton, also revealed plans about the release of his new album, ‘Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors’, due out on November 13. Speaking about the album’s progress he said:

“It’s coming good, I just put out two records from it – ‘She Said OK’ with Theophilus London and ‘Gossip’ with UGK and Big KRIT. The fans are excited. On the new album I’ve got Kid Cudi and Little Dragon. I just did a cut with A$AP Rocky the other night too, so it’s action-packed.”


Happy Socks make the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

By admin on November 25th, 2008

happy socks.jpg
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Happy Socks are making waves all over the blogosphere, the Swedish sock company launched in Europe recently and even has its own Facebook Group.

I still wear my dad’s cast off socks (the shame!) but it’s high time I got myself some socks which add a little chic to my outfits instead of poking out disgracefully from my shoes. I like Happy Socks’ bicolour pairs which mean you can choose a sober colour with a flash of something a little brighter. At 7 Euros each the socks ain’t exactly cheap but spending out on fancy accessories sets the men from the boys, it shows attention to detail and impeccable grooming. There’s also the added bonus that if you buy 3 pairs the shipping is free.

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Reader Request: winter thermals pick

By admin on November 12th, 2008

thermals reader request winter cold pick leggings merino fleece socks flask.jpg
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This Reader Request comes from Sarah, for a chilly boyfriend with no central heating. Come winter time, in the words of TLC I ain’t too proud to beg (for thermals). M&S should be your first port of call, they have long johns, thermal socks and nifty cosy shirts which have masses of grandpa chic appeal. Fellow old-school retailer John Lewis is also unbeatable for some winter warmth.
Thermal tops and underwear are all great, but if the cold is really getting to you drown your sorrows with a handy Ace of Spades hip flask, I’m sure TLC would approve.

If you have a fashion dilemma or you just want to chat drop me an email, or write on our Blog Network wall.

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Pick of the Blogs: socks, comics and Mr Potato head

By admin on August 29th, 2008

dahlia print umbrella.jpgSeptember looming means it’s socks time again and don’t think that those faux Nike ‘Hike’ sports socks your dad bought from Wembley market will cut it. Oh, is that just me? [Style Salvage]
I could happily see a lot more of this comic, bring it on! [The Sunday Best]
I had never thought there could be such a thing as a perfect umbrella until I saw these ones. [Daily Danny]
In typical non PC-style Ian is telling you NOT to spend $101.95 on a Mr Potato Head keyring. Wise words. [Calculatus Eliminatus]

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Pantherella purple socks

By admin on June 12th, 2008

pantherella socks.jpgIf you’re into the trouser turn up trend, you’ll know that wearing turn ups with socks was supposed to be a massive taboo. Most fashion followers have paid no attention to this rule, instead taking it as an opportunity to show off their fancy socks. These Pantherella purple socks would make a great addition to any sock drawer.

These are great for time when you want an outfit to clash in a subtle manner. If you have an outfit based on navy blue, purple socks match perfectly with them – giving off the effect that you make an effort but you don’t try too hard. You can get these from Start for £12.


It’s time to branch out with these Marks and Spencers socks

By admin on June 3rd, 2008

colourful socks.jpgIt’s easy to assume that socks shopping will be easy. You assume that stores will have socks with designs and plain socks, all in a variety of colours and made from good quality cotton that won’t get a hole in a couple of weeks. Sadly this isn’t the case. When this happens you have to branch out.

Although I would never usually go there, M&S have some great colourful socks that are well made and downright cheap. This assorted pack of socks cost £10 and come in sky and navy blue, red and pink.


Falke invisible socks

By admin on May 19th, 2008

falke.jpgWhile nice in theory, not wearing socks with footwear is pretty uncomfortable. Ankle socks are better than normal socks for summer, but you can still see them – so the effect you’re going for is ruined. If you like the idea of not wearing socks but hate the reality of it, then these Falke invisible socks are for you.

Low enough to wear in even boat shoes, these will protect your feet from the inside while fooling everyone into thinking that you’re going sockless. They’ve even got an anti-slip system that keeps them on your feet – which is handy as you’d look bizarre adjusting invisible socks all the time. These are available from Falke’s website for €7.


Pantherella socks

By Isabelle on April 11th, 2007

Pantherella socks are made from Egyptian cotton and come in enough colours that you can match them to your outfit. They’ve got hand finished toes which basically means a smooth finish and a guarantee of good quality. These socks are the perfect finishing touch if you’ve just splashed out on a bespoke suit and at £8.50 they won’t break the bank; you can purchase them online from Wood’s of Shropshire.

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