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Ten great vinyl only albums – The Beatles, Velvet Underground, The Cleaners From Venus and more

By Stefano on April 5th, 2013

Not long to wait now. Record Store Day is coming a week on Saturday and I’ll be spending that day hunting down  obscure 80s indie singles and long lost psych albums.

And to celebrate – well we have got in a tad early – here is a list of ten of the greatest albums that have are vinyl only and have never had a CD reissue.

Except a few of them have – but either on dodgy low quality bootlegs or in legit reissues that have never ever turned up in the UK.

Anyhow, the best way to hear them is buying the vinyl. Here’s our list. What have we missed?

The Troll - Animated Music £60

Picture 2 of 10
Picture 2 of 10

This a lost psych pop classic. Originally released in 1968 this Chicago band's sole album is chock full of psychedelic Beatley pop tunes. Mr Abernathy sounds like a long forgotten Brit psych classic while I’ve Only Myself to Blame is a killer pop song with a huge chorus. The album sank without trace, but in spite of becoming a firm favourite with fans of Brit psych has never properly been reissued. There are some bootleg CDs which are considerably cheaper than the £60 a quality version of the album currently goes for.

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