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Kiehl’s sun protection: your summer sun essential kit

By cchapman on June 15th, 2009

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As a typically pale Brit, sun protection is something I need to take seriously if I want to avoid the look referred to as ‘rosbif’ in certain parts of Europe. I use Kiehl’s Ultra Factor Moisturiser with an in-built SPF 15 as my daily. For more serious sun, I recently trialled Kiehl’s SPF 30 Face and Body Sunscreen Lotion. I had memories of Kiehl’s sun lotions being quite greasy, but this seems to be a new recipe. Buttery but easily absorbed, the SPF 30 is perfect for the first few days of your hols when burning is most likely, and advisable for your face, potentially, for your whole trip. I’d pair it with a spray such as Kiehl’s own SPF 25 spray.

As an after sun treatment, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula can’t be beaten and leaves you smelling like a posh chocolate. Best stick to something lighter such as Clinique’s After Sun Rescue with Aloe for your face, though. As a final tip, if you’re only stealing away for a few days, try decanting your products into the handy travel-sized clear pots and bottles from Muji.

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Gallery: Men’s Moisturisers

By admin on January 16th, 2009

Winter does bad things to your face, central heating dries it out, icy cold chaps it and makes it sensitive and all that blowing your nose hasn’t helped.

Now is the time to moisturise but don’t even bother unless your skin is clean, a simple unfragranced face wash and lots of lukewarm water should do the trick. Shaving will exfoliate the beard area of the skin, but try some gentle rubbing with a damp facecloth to your nose and forehead to allow the skin to absorb your moisturiser. Any questions? Post them on our Facebook Blog Networks page!

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