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Stabo Bivvy Trousers: lets go tenting

By cchapman on July 9th, 2009

Bivvy_Trs.jpgRugged, outdoor clothing is becoming a theme, at least this week. My new favourite site/e-newsletter the fabulously-named Urban Daddy has turned up perhaps the ultimate in outdoor clothing: trousers made from old tents. Military WWII tents to be precise, so as well as protecting you from the elements you’ll be wearing a piece of history.

With a relaxed fit, the trousers are cut long so you can roll them to fit and each pair comes with unique marks, flaws and patched holes as evidence of their authenticity. They also come as shorts! The waxed cagoules are rather gorgeous too, modeled on a real fisherman and all.

Order yours now from Stabo‘s quirky Norfolk-based site.

Jeans & Trousers

Khakis fashioned from WWII tents

By Isabelle on March 13th, 2008

recycled trousers.jpg

You can’t get more authentic than a pair of khakis re-fashioned from tents used in World War II.

The ‘Bivvy’ trousers, which take recycling to a new and exctiting level, were developed when two designers went hunting in an old warehouse for ideas: ‘After many attempts to find the perfect recycled material, we finally found a pair of World War II era Bivouac tents languishing in a dusty warehouse. Luckily they make fantastic trousers and because they are individually cut and sewn each pair is unique.’ Snap them up for £65 at Stabo For more recycled eco goodness visit Hippyshopper.

[Via Boing boing]

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