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5 Star Wars hoodies to help you scream “NooooOOooooOOoo!” at Disney deal

By Gerald Lynch on October 31st, 2012

Chewbacca is now owned by Disney. Boba Fett is now owned by Disney. Darth friggin Vader is now owned by Disney. We love The Lion King as much as the next person, but following Disney’s buyout of George Lucas’s Lucasfilm production company for $4.05 billion, is the Mouse House really the best place for  Star Wars to live?

We’re not sure. Disney have done good things so far with Marvel comics, who they now own too. But there are few franchises more well-loved (and fiercely defended by vocal fans) than Star Wars.

What we are sure about though is just how many great items of Star Wars clothing there are around! And with the winter months now upon us, and the Halloween spirit also in full swing, we thought we’d pick out five of our favourite Star Wars costume hoodies, available from

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Darth Vader

Picture 3 of 5
Picture 3 of 5

Asthma pump not included with this $50 Darth Vader hoodie.

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It’s Ecko and I don’t want to burn it!

By Jonathan Smith on October 1st, 2008


Is Star Wars cool? Since 1977 that question has been a divide of people, and one over which there is little consensus. Either way you look at it though you have to admit that it has given us some iconic imagery and characters, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the humble Storm Trooper, which is the inspiration for this Marc Ecko hoody.

I don’t really like Star Wars nor do I like dressing like a 6 year old but I have to admit this is kinda cool, you could wear it like a normal hoody then you put your hood up and BAM! Storm Trooping time.

Available from Ecko online store. More images after the jump.

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