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Dylan Jones: Rules for the Modern Man

By Will Reid on January 18th, 2008

97_00We are into the New Year and that fatal mixture of speed shopping and Christmas parties spent feeling old and alone has left you feeling in need of an image rehaul.
Cue Dylan Jones’ new read. With Mr. Jones being editor of GQ magazine, you would be forgiven for thinking this was simply a style guide but the book works as more of a lifestyle crash course, covering topics from Etiquette & Decorum to Elbow Grease & Skyhooks. This book is straight-talking, relatable and lacks the camped-up bravado of style guides, such as Off the Cuff by Carson Kressley, which can leave the reader feeling completely alienated and a bit out of the fashion circuit when told to buy a "pornographically hot cashmere sweater."

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Brandish’s Top Ten men’s style blogs

By ShinyMedia on December 12th, 2007

toptenblogss.JPGCheck out Shiny Media’s Christmas Present to you, part of our top 100 Fashion and Lifestyle blogs which we’re working on across our sites is the menswear top ten. Here they are in no particular order, enjoy!

Gear Crave
Gear Crave is a stylish site crammed full of exciting product you will genuinely want to buy. It’s also goes easy on the clichéd machismo which is refreshing.

Style Salvage
This site is unashamedly British and ‘indie’ (whatever that means nowadays!) and that’s why I love it. You can’t beat the Style Salvage for edgy yet accessible style musings for men.

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Beckham pipped to be sporting style leader

By Isabelle on March 30th, 2007

US men’s fashion experts are hoping that David Beckham will inject a bit of style into the sporting world in America. "Hopefully it will inspire them to lift their game," said
Adam Rapoport, style editor at men’s fashion magazine GQ. "I
think athletes respond to competition well. If someone’s
looking better than them they want to get on par with them." Despite not yet arriving in the US Beckham has already appeared on the cover of US men’s style mag Details. Wendell Brown, senior fashion editor at Esquire, explained how US sports stars need sartorial guidance: "Desperately. And they’re in need of a tailor, I
hope Beckham has a major impact."

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