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Brandish Pick of the Blogs

By admin on April 11th, 2008

morrissey smiths quiff hair.jpg
We’ve got a great pick of the blogs for you this week, Style Salvage Steve EJ is also thinking about quiffs, more specifically the Mozza kind who is his her current style inspiration.
Filep Motwary interviews emerging menswear designer Sotiris Georgiou, saying: “Do you understand what it means to me, seeing more people loving fashion in this depressing city I live in?” Come on Filep, Athens can’t be that bad can it? We are all looking at the hail and lightning outside the Shiny Towers window at the moment and wishing we were anywhere but London.

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Top Five

Pick of the Blogs

By ShinyMedia on December 27th, 2007


Relieve the post-Christmas boredom in a more constructive manner than hourly updating your Facebook status, Brandish has the pick of the blogs:
Style Salvage has got the sales covered, from b Store to H&M they’ve got the best tips for getting a bargain. Should you find yourself in Vancouver Demicouture have some great sale tips.
If that wasn’t enough encouragement to go out shopping share Carrying Contraption’s pain at missing out on a sale bargain.
I’m loving the grey and green combo on A Suitable Wardrobe, definitely something to try in the new year. Grey flannel has never looked so fresh and opstimistic.
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Finland is UFF, that’s why those Finns look so damn stylish. Don’t believe me? Check out Pour Homme’s Pakek.
Present-wise, if you weren’t so lucky this year Refinery29 have got a rundown of their top 20 albums of 2007. Two of my favourites of the year, Electrelane and Of Montreal made onto the list so I’m off to listen to the rest!

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