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Arsenal update: Santi Cazorla leaving already? New Suarez bid

By Stefano on July 17th, 2013

Well there are a pair of monster stories this morning. First up is the shock news that Arsenal’s classy midfielder Santi Cazorla has agreed personal terms with Atletico Madrid and that the two clubs are now talking about a transfer fee.

The news was reported in Spain during the night by Marca. Interestingly it hasn’t been picked up by any of the UK papers yet – though I am sure it is a matter of time.

It sounds unlikely though doesn’t it? Cazorla had a successful start to his Arsenal career, seems happy at the club and has given no impression of angling for a move…

Yet this would be the third time that the player has moved in three years – bit of a pattern?

It could just be that the player’s agent is pushing for extra cash to put him on the same level as other Arsenal players. But if there is some truth in this it is a tad worrying. Maybe Arsene better start thinking about Cesc again.

Meanwhile the papers are full of the story that Arsenal are about to bid again for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez.

The Metro has just gone live with this

Suarez’s representatives believe they can force through a transfer if an offer of £40m is lodged – something Liverpool contest.

The Reds believe they only have to inform the player of a bid, and have no obligation to accept, but the striker’s camp wants this theory put to the test.

Suarez has indicated his willingness to join both Arsenal and Madrid, but it’s the Gunners who are the most likely to firm up their original offer in the 26-year-old.

Maybe it is just me but I still can’t see this happening either. Surely the Suarez bids are a smoke screen to get Real to hurry up and buy the player so that Arsenal can get a better deal on Higuain. Around £40 million for a player is a lot of money ,especially one who can’t be guaranteed not to miss chunks of the season through his misdemeanours.


Arsenal update: Suarez and Higuain. New offers?

By Stefano on July 12th, 2013

Lots of gossip in the papers this morning about Arsenal making a second offer to Liverpool for Luis Suarez and how it will take to land him.

The Reds are apparently prepared to listen to offers of around £40 million and if anything like that amount of money is on the table some sources say they will encourage the player to put in a transfer request.

Arsenal meanwhile are rumoured to have offered £30 million and a second offer will take them significantly closer to Liverpool’s asking price. It remains to be see though whether Liverpool will cash in on their talented but unpredictable striker.

Suarez’s favoured destination is still reckoned by some to be Real Madrid, the club that currently own Arsenal’s other major target Gonzalo Higuain. The theory is that were Real to sign Suarez it would make Higuain the third choice striker at the club and make a move to north London more likely. There is still argy bargy over the price with Real wanting more than the £23 million that Arsenal are rumoured to have offered them.

Much of whether the Higuain to Arsenal is alive or not centres around whether Ancelotti is truly keen on keeping the player or indulging in mind games with Wenger to get the best possible deal.



Arsenal offer £35 million for Suarez? But is Higuain still the real target?

By Stefano on July 10th, 2013

Its is still speculation, but Goal are suggesting that rather than go back to their original number one transfer target Gonzalo Higuain, the Gunners are preparing a £35 million offer for Luis Suarez.

Arsenal offered £30 million last week, but we knocked by Liverpool. However £35 million might just be enough to convince the Reds that they should part with their talented but troublesome striker.

It might even by an attempt to push the deal through before Arsenal leave on their pre-season tour of Asia tomorrow.

Like a lot of Arsenal fans I am agonising over this one. Sure Suarez is a superb striker with a proven Premiership record, but are we ready to handle all the baggage that comes with the player?

Also arsenal’s main rivals for Suarez would appear to be Real Madrid. Maybe this an attempt to force Real to play their hand and ultimately keep the pressure on the club so they release Higuain to fund a Suarez deal.

Suarez has already hinted that he might be open to a move to London.

So Arsenal fans – what do you think?


Arsenal update: Suarez ‘interested,’ Flamini wants Prem return

By Stefano on July 10th, 2013

Launch new kit. Tick. Dispose of a few deadwood players. Tick. Sign some new ones. Well hopefully that will be Arsene Wenger’s agenda this week and top of his wants list appears to be Luis Suarez.

At first it seemed that the so called bid for the Liverpool striker was a bit of smoke screen to let the wavering Higuain and Real know that Arsenal had other options. But nope, it looks like Arsenal are serious and according to the papers this morning Suarez is taking their interest seriously too.

In spite of all the talk of how much he hates the British media the player now appears to be up for any team that will offer him Champions League and big pay packet. He told a Uruguayan radio station

“But in football, as I have always said, you never know what is going to happen. I’ve said everything I have said. As things stand I have to present myself there but just a phone call could change those plans. It is good to know I’m still valued by teams like Arsenal.

“Friends call me up to ask if I am moving to Chelsea, to which I laugh. The important thing in the market, whatever else has happened, is for teams to continue to value me for what I’ve done as a player on the pitch. It is not one club at the moment, there are lots of options.

“I do not think any of them are concrete yet. There are two or three teams that are possibilities.”

With still no movement on Fellaini and Gareth Barry increasingly looking like a Plan B I wonder if Arsene will this morning be thinking about another old flame – Matty Flamini.

After several tricky years in Italy the player is said to be keen to move back to the Premiership as he had unfinished business.

He is 29 now and clearly a shadow of the player he was when he left Arsenal, but there are a trio of clubs interested in securing his services. Is Arsenal one of them?

Flamini told The Sun, reported here.

“Milan offered me a contract for two years but I need to take my time and make the right decision. I’ve been in Italy for five years, I’ve had a great time and learnt a lot. But I miss England and I want to win the Premier League. It has a special place in my heart. I like the pace and the physicality of English football and I like that every game is very open.”

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