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Spotted: Drop crotch trousers in Italy

By admin on July 16th, 2008

riccione drop crotch trouser baggy street style.jpgItaly might be one of the only places where the men dress better than the women. This is of course a massive generalisation but diamanté, stripper shoes and white capri pants will never be a match for the classic, timeless style that many Italian men adopt.

Dropped-crotch trousers was not something I expected to spot on holiday but I duly dug out my camera and snapped this young man before he rode off on his super cool spray-painted bike. I just wish I knew the Italian for ‘I’m not a creepy weirdo, honest’.

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Superga are the new fashion cliche

By admin on June 10th, 2008

superga trainers.JPG
Fashion writing is often ridiculed for outlandish phrases, flowery prose and a reliance on clichés. I’d like to add to all of the above by declaring that Superga are the new Springcourt.

Like Springcourt, they make tennis shoes. Like Springcourt, they’ve got some history, starting in the 1930′s. Like Springcourt, they’re based in Europe – Italy to be exact. And like Springcourt, prices start from around £35.

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