Dissizit! Kate Moss T-shirt

Every once in a while, it’s nice to look at items that you can wear in the
forthcoming seasons. While coats are all well and good (we’ll be featuring a
lot more during this week), you need to start stocking up on t-shirts. Preferably
ones that stand out. Everyone knows how annoying it is to see someone wearing
the same t-shirt as you.

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adminDissizit! Kate Moss T-shirt

Andy Capp t-shirt from Urban Outfitters

Pledge your allegiance to the olden days, and all things British with Urban Outfitters’ Andy capp t-shirt. It comes in grey marl and black. Andy Capp been lazing, boozing and arguing since 1957, and since his creator Reg Whyte’s death in 1998 the strip has been lovingly kept going. For a truly authentic look you’ll need to accessorise the t-shirt …

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IsabelleAndy Capp t-shirt from Urban Outfitters

Lazy Oaf tourist tee

Lazy oaf have got a heck of a lot of cool t-shirts. My favourite is their snap happy tee, kind of like a new version of the tux tee it makes you dressed for business in about 30 seconds. Perfect for wearing with lemon yellow shorts and old sneakers for a retro tourist look. They also have sweatshirts, socks, belts …

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IsabelleLazy Oaf tourist tee

Joystick Junkies Space Invader tee

Joystick Junkies’ Space Invader tee is a brilliant way to pledge your allegiance to all things pixel-related. The design comes in a nifty foil print on a black ultrasoft tee. The company have got tons more computer/arcade game related tees and hoodies, so if Space Invaders wasn’t your thing you could sport for example, a 720 or Sensible Soccer tee.BUY …

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IsabelleJoystick Junkies Space Invader tee