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Outfit picks

Love the Look: Winter wool smarts

By admin on February 2nd, 2009

winter love the look wool jacket.jpg
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How to do class in the freezing cold… Take one well tailored grey coat, a battered but sturdy pair of boots, slim wool trousers and top it off with a pair of tinted specs. When temperatures plummet there’s nothing like a pair of thick wool trousers to keep you warm and if you really feel the cold slip on a pair of long johns.

It might take you a while to get that impressive beard but if you’ve got the basics sorted hopefully the rest will follow.


Outfit picks

Love the Look: patterned scarf

By admin on January 23rd, 2009

love the look paisley scarf camel coat.jpg
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Agreed, the camel coat in the foreground is very stylish and wonderfully tailored, but for me, this picture is all about the background.
Look at the slim-fit trousers, the chunky but not bulky coat and the cutaway collar. The piece de resistance for this ensemble is the colourful paisley scarf, no generic stripy confections for this man! The rich colours warm up the dark coat and add a playfulness to what is a quite a sober look. Get down your local charity shop or retro store and pick up a fancy, dandy, colourful scarf to liven up your winter outfits.



Burton stone cotton shorts

By admin on June 5th, 2008

burton shorts tailored.jpgIn my continuing mission to get the men of Britain into short shorts I’ve found a great pair which combines the tailoring of a high-fashion pair of short shorts with good wearability and even better price.

These cotton shorts are only £25 from Burton, they have a great shape but the lightness of the fabric gives it a more relaxed feel.

Team with brightly coloured deck shoes and an acid pastel polo for a sarcastic Sloane look, or if you’re in a more sincere mood wear with a fine gauge shirt with rolled up sleeves and canvas lace ups.

Designer Spotlight

Buckler, a label to watch

By admin on December 19th, 2007

are who All Saints wish they were. Worn by legends like Iggy Pop and
oxygen thieves like Snow Patrol, They specialise in tailored fits. Basically
they’re an upscale All Saints. Even their logos are similar. Thankfully, their
knitwear is much more solidly made, managing not to feel like it’s going to
waste away if you dare put it in the wash.

They do have an online store but it only
sells one pair of boxer briefs. The picture of the boxers in hand is graphic to
say the least; tight white boxers reveal a little too much under sharp
photography. They do sell in Selfridges amongst other popular stores and will hopefully be fully available online later on next year.


Monsoon trousers

By ShinyMedia on April 30th, 2007

These slouchy trousers from Monsoon
(£55) are perfect for the summer, the linen content means they will look their best slightly rumpled and billowing but the rayon content will keep a modicum of crisp. Team the dark slate colour with pale blues, dove greys and white for a cool look; the trousers will be equally at home with a casual t-shirt and flip flops or smartened up with a tailored short-sleeved shirt and pumps for work.

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