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Cassette tape zippy purse

By ShinyMedia on May 14th, 2007


More cassette tape craziness on Brandish with designer Marella Foschi’s purses. Just like Honorable Mention’s cassette tape belt buckle
we featured last week each item is a one off. You can choose from a
range of colourful linings and zips to get the combination that suits
your outfit for a reasonable $43 including postage. Each one is handmade and has a durable felt lining making it perfect for your change for the bus.



Cassette tape belt buckle

By Isabelle on May 10th, 2007

The tape-mad will love this belt buckle from Honorable Mention. You can choose from any retro blank tape that jogs your memory, or choose a pre-recorded one. I picked this nice yellow one ($15) because I like the typeface but you can also wear such illustrious musicians as Milli Vanilli, Dolly Parton or Tiffany on your belt but why anyone would pick U2 is beyond me. Similarly, I find it hard to believe why anyone would want to put R.Kelly near their crotch but you can thanks to Honorable Mention.

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Cassette tape wallet

By ShinyMedia on May 9th, 2007

I think I’m the only person in the world who still has any tapes, admittedly making compilations for friends is so much easier with cds but I used love carrying around my chunky walkman and rewinding the tapes with biros or pencils. Even better was taking them apart, unscrewing them with the point of a knife and carefully sellotaping the broken tape back together. So obviously when I saw this cassette wallet from Topman my heart leapt, it’s £10 which is a damn sight more expensive than my first tape (Bryan Adams, shamefully).

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