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Love the Look: Bill Hailey and his Comets

By admin on December 3rd, 2008

bill hailey and his comets tartan check plaid live 50s retro rock.jpg
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I’m a little in awe of this picture of Bill Hailey and his Comets from 1957, the energy and movement make it such a great shot.
I love the tartan jackets, they feel a little bit christmassy and the check is a good quality print. To get a ’50s influenced look with tartan wear a traditional check scarf with a pair of simple, neat black jeans and t-shirt with a zip-up jacket. Greased hair and brothel creepers are compulsory.

[Image: GEORGE KONIG/Rex Features]


Trapper hats: Topman, Paul Smith and John Rocha

By admin on October 23rd, 2008

trapper hat paul smith john rocha topman.jpg
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As usual Will is on the money with his trapper hat outfit pick, but here are a few more to choose from for this winter.

Topman‘s version will give you that lumberjack look, while Paul Smith‘s luxe offering is perfect as part of a nouveau grunge outfit. John Rocha‘s corduroy trapper will keep you cosy and warm until first thaw, or until you get on the tube. Whichever comes first..

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Tartan wallet from Dover Street Market

By admin on March 18th, 2008

dsm tartan wallet.jpg
No word from Grizzly Bear about the provenance of that madras shirt but I’m not giving up on checks yet. This tartan wallet from Dover Street Market (£53) is a satisfying mix of colours which somehow looks more edgy than OAP. It’s a great way to add a bit of pep to a formal outfit and a cheery flash of colour will make parting with your cash less painful.


F by Friis Woodman Bag

By admin on March 5th, 2008


Looking to jump accessory first into the
plaid/tartan/check trend? Of course you are, you’re on Brandish and by
extension, have an amazing sense of style and fashion. So, as a person with an
amazing sense of style and fashion, you’ll be looking to start early on the
check on check trend (as spotted by our sadly departed Tim). Now you can fulfil
your check on check needs by accessorizing with this F
by Friis woodman bag

Apart from looking good, the bag also has
detachable handles – handy when you want to carry it in your hands like a true
sophisticated gentleman – and more pockets and compartments than Bear Grylls
will know what to do with. It’s available for the very reasonable price of £45
(with free delivery) from

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