Beatles For Sale: Top 10 Beatles Gadgets #BeatlesWeek

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The Beatles legacy carries on not only through their music, but also through the weird and wonderful merchandise still available. Die hard Beatles fans have there bathrooms all Peppered up, or their cars looking look yellow submarines. And here are 10 must have Beatles gadgets: 1. The Beatles Rockband – £199.99 Don’t just listen to their music, play it too! …

Connected and on the go: The benefits of the iPad

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Sponsored post In the current day and age, the average person needs to stay connected at all times. We rely on the internet for various reasons. Email, the latest news and many other services take place online and feature in our daily lives, often more than we probably realise or appreciate. With this in mind, there are devices that can …

Computer Kylie? Moving Maddona? Esquire Bag The ‘First Ever Digital Cover!’

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A fantastically over-the-top and outrageously extravagant magazine issue seems to be à la mode for the brand anniversaries of today. Lacoste reworked Visionaire for their 75th Anniversary and now Esquire, the mens lifestyle magazine, is celebrating their 75th (coincidence?) with the World’s first ‘Digital Cover.’ In Brandish speak: a cover that actually moves!