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Was that the Beatles I just heard? 10 songs directly influenced by the Fab Four #BeatlesWeek

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The Beatles are an ubiquitous, omnipotent presence in the world of music, and you’ve only got to glance through a book like the fantastic Isle of Noises by Daniel Rachel to see that pretty much every successful contemporary songwriter still cites the Fab Four among their influences. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – supposedly… Perhaps most notably, Noel …

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10 of the most underrated Beatles songs – #BeatlesWeek

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You could argue that there isn’t a bad Beatles song out there, since even their silliest songs make for a great listen. Four unrefined young men from Liverpool, with not a musical qualification between them, showcased their raw talent as they pumped out incredible melodies, bizarre chord progressions and creative songs in astonishingly quick progression: 12 studio albums, 13 EPs, and 22 singles in just eight years. Find me …

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Brandish interviews Tom Doyle, author of ‘Man on the Run’, for #BeatlesWeek

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‘If you’ve been an astronaut and travelled to the moon, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?’  In 2013, Tom Doyle authored the fantastic Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s. It traces the very interesting period of 1969-1981 – typically known for drugs busts, Wings, and financial problems – and sheds a new light …

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#BeatlesWeek: the Fab Four in film & TV pop culture

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Image via Fotolog As we know, there are a whole host of references to the Fab Four in popular culture – with the rosy eyes of nostalgia and fresh new generations discovering new ways to celebrate the band, their iconic status seems to gain more and more traction, confirming their universal appeal. Not only did the Beatles send tidal waves through …

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The best of Beatles-themed clothes & accessories #BeatlesWeek

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There’s a reason why we still see Beatles references everywhere; a reason why Beatles T-shirts still wander the earth on bodies of all ages, and a reason why you won’t find any sorry old Beatles albums in the bargain buckets in HMV: the best selling band in history just never goes out of fashion. So enduringly popular are the Fab Four …

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Beatles For Sale: Top 10 Beatles Gadgets #BeatlesWeek

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The Beatles legacy carries on not only through their music, but also through the weird and wonderful merchandise still available. Die hard Beatles fans have there bathrooms all Peppered up, or their cars looking look yellow submarines. And here are 10 must have Beatles gadgets: 1. The Beatles Rockband – £199.99 Don’t just listen to their music, play it too! …

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#BeatlesWeek insight: the radio stations dedicated only to the Beatles

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It’s quite incredible when a band can produce enough material, let alone be popular enough, to spawn dedicated radio stations that are still attracting listeners – an incredible fifty years after said band formed. But the Beatles have somehow managed it, and there are at least two radio stations (Beatles-A-Rama and Beatles Radio) fuelling a diet of pure Fab Four music 24 hours a …

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Beatles song ‘I am the Walrus’ comes second in poll of perplexing song lyrics

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The Beatles’ 1967 song ‘I am the Walrus’ has come second in a poll on the weirdest song lyrics. The so called Baffle of the Bands was put to 2,000 adult users of online music streaming service Blinkbox, and they voted the lines ‘I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob’, which feature …

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Ron Howard’s Beatles documentary: The Fab Four’s best songs from their touring years

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With Ron Howard’s recent announcement that he plans to make a documentary about the Fab Four’s glory days, it seems that Beatlemania is showing no signs of fading away. The Academy Award-winning director of A Beautiful Mind will infuse the documentary with his own Beatles obsession, and will use the most sophisticated technology to remaster old footage, hopefully creating an authentic visual and aural experience …

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The Shadow Kabinet – Nostalgia For The Future review

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If you have never heard The Shadow Kabinet’s epic album Smiling Worlds Apart I suggest you do it pronto. Especially if you love The Beatles. For with tracks like Tabla Motown (a quirky sitar driven instrumental) Office Life (Lovely Rita style pop) and the title (think Harrison’s droney psych), multi-instrumentalist Steve Somerset, for he is The Shadow Kabinet created a Sgt …

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Ten great vinyl only albums – The Beatles, Velvet Underground, The Cleaners From Venus and more

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Not long to wait now. Record Store Day is coming a week on Saturday and I’ll be spending that day hunting down  obscure 80s indie singles and long lost psych albums. And to celebrate – well we have got in a tad early – here is a list of ten of the greatest albums that have are vinyl only and …

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George Martin’s long lost psychedelic masterpiece – Theme One

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George Martin, as you all know, was the master producer whose wizardry in Abbey Road Studio Two helped The Beatles create some of the finest music ever recorded. However it is a little know thing that Martin, whose birthday it is today, recorded a gem or two of his own. The most amazing piece is this little tune Theme One. …

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Beatles albums now just £7.99 on iTunes and their six most under rated albums

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If Macca fronting Nirvana wasn’t quite your thing then maybe you’ll like this more. Apple is now offering almost all of The Beatles albums on iTunes at a reduced price of £7.99 each. The offer is apparently for a limited period only, so if you do fancy adding a bit more of the Fabs to your life you’ll need to move pronto. The albums are also around …

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Has Bradley Wiggins made the double breasted suit jacket a style trend for 2013?

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Every year at the Oscars fashion houses vie to kit the hottest stars in their latest outfits knowing that the coverage generated by that star can make or break a range. Conversely the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year event isn’t something that fashion brands are too concerned with, but maybe, just maybe, the suit that the winner was wearing …

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The Rolling Stones '50 and Counting' Concert - Newark

The case for the Live album – and which is the best one ever?

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Simon Poulter of What Would David Bowie do? Puts the case for the live album… You’ve bought the singles, bought the album, bought the concert ticket, bought the T-shirt, bought your bus ticket home and now you’re being asked to buy it all over again as a live album of the show you’ve only just returned from. And, yes, you …

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Yoko Ono’s John Lennon inspired menswear debut looks like a Nathan Barley joke

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  We’re not sure what we should have expected from Yoko Ono’s debut menswear collection for Opening Ceremony, revealed today. But had we thought about it logically, it’d probably have been something as barmy as what she’s indeed delivered. Featuring neon pink shades, arse-exposing mesh trousers and the sort of abstract cock-and-balls motif that’d make Alan Partridge blush, it’s like …

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20 Most Iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Hairstyles

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Rock ‘n’ roll can be broken down as follows: 10% fashion, 10% music and 110% HAIR. We know that adds up to 130%. That’s why we’re writing for a fashion site and aren’t quantum physicists. But it also acts to highlight just how important good hair can be in the making of a musical and cultural icon, and cementing the status …

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Stella McCartney Menswear? Yes, Please!

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Since turning up at the Met’s Costume Institute Gala with a trinity of her Hollywood girlfriends, Stella McCartney has had a whirlwind week involving everyone from Simon Doonan (creative director of Barneys) to Michelle Obama.

While chatting to the gloriously over-the-top Doonan, Stella was asked about lending her ethical hand to a menswear collection…

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