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Energie Purple Cardigan

By admin on March 11th, 2008

With the whole purple thing taking off pretty
slowly, now is a good a time as any to buy into it. They’re won’t be many people
wearing it and you’ll avoid Topman syndrome – as in you won’t leave the store
seeing six people wearing the same item you just bought. What more could you ask

Not much, I hope. But we’re going to show
you an item that’s half price and purple just because we love you guys so much.
This Energie
is ahead of trend for the princely sum of $59. The only downside
is that it’s 40% acrylic. 40% isn’t Topman standards, but it’s still 40% too
much acrylic. If you can get past that, then you can get this cardigan from


Another designer robbery as MAN designer James Long’s autumn/winter 2008-9 collection goes missing

By ShinyMedia on February 19th, 2008

jameslongcollectionstolen.jpgThis is becoming absurd, not to mention extremely frustrating to read about. reports that MAN designer James Long has had his autumn/winter 2008-9 collection stolen. The young designer suffered at the hands of thieves a mere hours after his show took place last Friday. We reviewed the MAN show earlier in the week.

It is reported that in the early hours of the following morning, his Hackney studio was broken into and the entire collection pinched. "Everything, except a few accessories, was taken. They didn’t take my laptop, or anything else – just the collection," he said.

As police continue their investigation, Topman Design is offering Long its full support. "For a young designer, producing a collection is exhausting mentally, physically and financially, so to have everything stolen, straight after your show – especially as it was so well received by the press and buyers – is, quite frankly, devastating," Gordon Richardson, the label’s design director, told WGSN.

Whether it’s related to the same fashion bandits who have been terrorising London’s boutique owners and designers over the last 12 months is unclear, but preying on designers who have just presented their collections to the industry is pretty under-handed. I sincerely hope it isn’t some kind of publicity stunt, otherwise talk about coming down from a cloud with a thud!

[Image: via Getty]


Topman Trench coat – get it before everyone else does

By admin on February 15th, 2008

The thing with Topman is that it’s too
popular for its own good. Buy a jacket from the Oxford Circus branch and you’ll
have passed five people wearing the same jacket before you get to the tube
station. The Topman design branch aims
to redress this problem by issuing much smaller quantities of pieces.

That’s why I hesitate to recommend this Pinstripe
trench coat
. It’s got all the right ingredients of a great coat – well cut,
bold design, on trend – but it’s from Topman. So by the time I finish typing
this sentence someone would have bought one. If you can’t get past other people
wearing the same clothes as you, it costs £85 and is available from the Topman
online store.


Trends: Watch & Wear- Le Freak c’est Chic!

By Will Reid on February 14th, 2008

Tb The time has come for the return of the eccentric dresser. But before you all stop reading this, firm in the belief that I have finally cracked, I promise that I am not subliminally feeding you pages from ‘An Idiot’s Guide to … being an Idiot,’ but instead providing you with an outfit that will allow you to get freaky without the raised eyebrows- more crinkled blazer than straitjacket.

See after the jump for a great, freak-chic outfit.

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Topman: Beach Shop

By Will Reid on February 6th, 2008

Now I promise we’re not being paid to talk about Topman but its hard to find fault in this modern-man brand. First we heard about the Lens collection and now I am pleased to present the Topman Beach Shop. I know that we’re just entering February (possibly the most dark and depressing month of the year) but isn’t it time we start to compile our wardrobes for the summer?

The Beach Shop has items that can be all worn together for that "fun in the sun without ruining your outfit" look as well as tops and bottoms that can be worn at the moment for a bit of a colour boost. 

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Topman Lens collection coming soon!

By Isabelle on February 1st, 2008

Why the long face pretty man? Oh I see, Topman are pushing forward the launch date of their Lens collection to March. Fair enough, the collection includes clothing by Neue, Carolyn Massey and Dexter Wong as well as new faces Material Boy and Mojik so I’d be pretty upset too.

b Store owner Matthew Murphy chose Mojik and Material Boy the new designers so you can guarantee the clothes will be quality. Murphy has ransacked the designers’ back catalogues, bringing you reworked old favourites and edgy new pieces. See after the jump for more images of despondent men kitted out in the collection.

Don’t worry guys the collection will be available online from March…It’s only a month away!

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Paul Smith Socks – everybody needs the essentials

By admin on February 1st, 2008

Don’t underestimate the power of socks.
Okay, it’s not like they can put you in a chokehold or anything – but they can
ruin a perfectly put together outfit. Match your Nike running socks with a pair
of shoes and you’ll look like you get style tips from Larry David, regardless
of well dressed you are. Put it this way; if you have a brown pair of shoes,
you need these Paul
Smith socks

The best thing about the sales is the
amount of essentials you can get for Topman prices. These fine cotton socks are
available at £8, 50% off the previous price. Make sure to stock up on enough
sale essentials to get you through the next couple of seasons and then repeat
the same routine this time next year.


Topman v-neck cashmere jumper

By ShinyMedia on December 28th, 2007

The cashmere may not be very longwearing or the best quality but when a jumper like this is reduced to £17 it’s worth a punt. It’s from Topman and you don’t even have to leave the house to get it and what’s more the khaki colour is unusual but wearable. Team it with grey trousers and tee in a soft but luminous colour like coral which is tipped to be the hot colour this spring.

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Top Five: waterproof jackets

By ShinyMedia on May 21st, 2007

TopmanwatersA light waterproof jacket is fast becoming an essential in this changeable weather. The retro nylon bomber is the easiest style to wear (jacket left, from Topman), it looks good with a variety of looks and dress down tailored shorts if you decide to brave them this summer. American Apparel’s jacket is great for layering, pick an unusual colour like their baby pink or caramel. The most technical jacket is also the most pricey, Addict’s anorak has airholes under the arm so you don’t get too schweaty and stows away in its own little bag. See after the jump for rest of the picks and product links.

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Topman hexagon print hoody

By Isabelle on May 18th, 2007

Jazz it up with this Topman hoodie with graphic print and shiny foil bits. The ’90s style bubbles and squiggles look quite nu-ravey, but it will add some pep to a standard grey trousers and neat trainer combo. Costing a mere £25 it reminds me of chemistry textbooks and dna particles, I might get lost in a reverie of isomers, moles and covalency for a while now.


Topman summer lace-ups

By ShinyMedia on May 15th, 2007

TopmanshoeIt’s raining cats and dogs right now, but my reliable colleague Kim has informed me this summer will be scorching. So that gives you a reason to purchase these summery canvas pumps (£45) now, to store in your wardrobe until the sun comes out. They’re a bit baggy but for these Topman babies that just means more comfort than your average lace up shoe. They will top off a relaxed summer look with finesse, especially teamed with some baggy beige trousers.


Topman colourblock hoodie

By ShinyMedia on May 11th, 2007

TopmanhoodieColour-blocking is big news, gone are the retro prints from the flighty echelons of the fashion world. This hoodie from Topshop (£20) is a prime example of colour blocking. It looks more effective if you stick to colour blocking with individual items within an outfit, but the lemon yellow looks good against the black and blue. You could go the whole hog and team it with purple jeans and hi-tops, but you don’t want to look like a Skins reject do you?


Topman navy jacket

By Isabelle on May 10th, 2007

TopmancagSometimes you just want to wear something generic looking, something that doesn’t scream I’m Indie/Emo/Kooky/Townie/Suave etc… something that just is. Grey sweatshirts are great for a generic look, and this Topman jacket (£45) is also really quite good. The simple navy is lifted by the utility-style white zips and the slim fit that Topman  seem to be introducing to most of their clothing means that you’ll keep a smart silhouette.


Cassette tape wallet

By ShinyMedia on May 9th, 2007

I think I’m the only person in the world who still has any tapes, admittedly making compilations for friends is so much easier with cds but I used love carrying around my chunky walkman and rewinding the tapes with biros or pencils. Even better was taking them apart, unscrewing them with the point of a knife and carefully sellotaping the broken tape back together. So obviously when I saw this cassette wallet from Topman my heart leapt, it’s £10 which is a damn sight more expensive than my first tape (Bryan Adams, shamefully).

Top Five

Top Five: shorts

By ShinyMedia on May 2nd, 2007

AashortSummer is the time for me to coax you out of your summer trousers and into shorts. Smart shorts are definitely appropriate in most offices, it’s just a matter of teaming them with the right things. Short-sleeved check shirts look good, as do smart t-shirts, keep flip-flops for the beach and wear clean canvas pumps instead. For the beach or the park anything goes, wear these American Apparel shorts for a casual, airy look. See after the jump for full outfit pick and product links.

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