Lacoste Ibiza Block

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These puppies are gorgeous. Great colour combination, great design, great shape. They’re amazing. They have a really authentic eighties look to them – something about grey mixed with colour is very evocative of the era. Also the leather (or could it be leatherette? Do I dare dream?) padding on the uppers is just divine. You can get hold of them …

Onitsuka Tiger and Mini do the business

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The 80’s trend started out as one movement
but then fragmented into whatever you took to be 80’s. On one side was the
coloured jeans 80’s trend, thankfully that was short lived. On the other side
was the 80’s as seen in the film “The
“, starring down-to-earth cockney superbloke Danny Dyer. If you’re
looking to complete your superbloke look then these Onitsuka Tiger trainers
should do the job. Or the business, if you’re into bad puns.

Nike ‘Fallen Heroes’ range inspired by Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice and Pee Wee Herman

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Nike have released a ‘Fallen Hero’ range of sneakers in which they pay homage to one hit wonder Vanilla Ice, Milli Vanilli who were exposed as fakes then either Milli or Vanilli killed himself, and Pee Wee Herman who found out that masturbating in a porn cinema is not compatible with being a children’s presenter.

Mihara Yasuhiro for Puma

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Japanese designer Yasuhiro Mihara’s latest collaboration with Puma throws up some pretty interesting things. Psychedelic patterns, gold leather, studs and rivet details gives your everyday sneaks an out-of-the-ordinary touch. Mihara also has his own shop in Japan, called Sosu (prime number) selling men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. My favourites from the Puma collection are the reptilian MY-25, they’ve got …