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You Would If You Could: Denim Like Dean

By Will Reid on April 3rd, 2008

jamesdeandenim.JPGPoor Daniel Bedingfield- he crooned about his ability to be James Dean and next thing he knew he was blown out of the entertainment water by his own sister.

One thing that you will often hear fashionistos refer to is the latest ‘future classic.’ I have a problem with this term because despite its easy applicability I believe it is impossible to predict what will become a classic, an icon, a materialistic pleasure that will go on to represent an entire generation. James Dean filled this gap and from the word rebel he was the epitome of youthful cool, pulling denim off with tremendous aplomb.

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Clothing Sale

By admin on March 31st, 2008


If you missed the bulk of the Topman sale (and if you’re just finding out now, you’ve definitely missed it) then ASOS have a sale that hasn’t sold out yet. Although it might have by the time you’ve finished reading this sentence. If you haven’t realised, Time is of the essence when it comes to sales.

So to save you precious site browsing time, I’ve come up with a best items in the sale list, saving you about 30 minutes. You can thank me later.

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Until it’s short shorts weather don a pair of Topman slacks

By Isabelle OCarroll on March 17th, 2008

topam grey narrow trews.JPGWhile we’re getting all hot under the collar about the short shorts debate (seriously, is there a more important current affairs topic?) the weather hasn’t quite caught up with us.

Clad your legs in a pair of slim fit trousers, the grey will look great should you decide to take the plunge and try one of this season’s trend colours like coral, sky blue or lemon yellow. Pick something like a belt or t-shirt and when it falls out of favour you can use the belt as a dog collar and the t-shirt as a duster. Fab. Topman’s grey slacks (£40) have got a nice slubby textured finish which will add interest to your outfit.

Jeans & Trousers

Khakis fashioned from WWII tents

By Isabelle on March 13th, 2008

recycled trousers.jpg

You can’t get more authentic than a pair of khakis re-fashioned from tents used in World War II.

The ‘Bivvy’ trousers, which take recycling to a new and exctiting level, were developed when two designers went hunting in an old warehouse for ideas: ‘After many attempts to find the perfect recycled material, we finally found a pair of World War II era Bivouac tents languishing in a dusty warehouse. Luckily they make fantastic trousers and because they are individually cut and sewn each pair is unique.’ Snap them up for £65 at Stabo For more recycled eco goodness visit Hippyshopper.

[Via Boing boing]

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You Would If You Could… The Awkward Lengths

By Will Reid on March 13th, 2008

00360mThe next look to make our list is the awkward length. This was a hard one to put into this feature as some do manage to pull it off but not everyone is Terence Koh and it only took a look at the local fashionisto’s crash and burn outfit of Kris van Assche-style combat with tight tee to know that this was one to be hastily put down.

So where did it all go wrong? When did the matronliness of Britain extend to Dolce & Gabbana jodhpurs and McQueen knits? At D&G, trousers were either tucked into boots or (sharp intake of breath) fitted with elasticated hems- yes, the same fabric responsible for the horrific Rocky Balboa-tracksuit/pantaloon ankle. McQueen went for his usual unwearable but exquisite fashions and approached this trend with a blend of Alpaca knit and Spanish embroidery. Some celebs have tried to wear this look but unless you are an artist/indie fashion editor/musician/girlfriend of Irina Lazareanu-type, it’s best to stay away. For those of you willing to take on the challenge and prove me wrong- take a look at this Rick Owens thigh-length top from Brown’s. 


Gainsbourg trousers

By Isabelle on May 3rd, 2007

GainsbourgThese "gainsbourg" trousers (no that’s not the reason I chose them! Ok, maybe a little bit) from Obedient Sons ($311) are very summery, the little blue and white stripes are so fresh. The cut is great, low on the hips without showing bum, and slim enough to look lean and not skinny. Check out the link to see the cool little back pockets with nice white buttons, they look like bum nipples, outrageous!
Wear them with beat-up dark brown lace ups, a white short-sleeved shirt and trench coat for a modern summer look. Ditch the trench and lace ups for white canvas pumps and a cardigan for a more casual appearance.

Click here for more clothing on Brandish


3/4 length trousers from M&S

By Isabelle on April 12th, 2007

Once summertime arrives out come the hordes of men in 3/4 length trousers. I’m not entirely convinced by them, as they’re very Blue circa 2004 but the alternative are knee length schoolboy shorts which are even harder to carry off. As long as you don’t wear those awful brown leather slides that were all over the high street a couple of years ago I will let 3/4 lengths pass. This tailored pair from Marks and Spencer look quite smart and they’re well worth the £25. The crease and slim cut  keeps them sharp, and they would look great with simple summer canvas shoes and a short sleeved shirt.


Pleat-front trousers

By Isabelle on March 29th, 2007


Slouchy pleated trousers are back, wa-ay back in the 3rd issue of Fantastic Man magazine last year they had a whole spread of slouchy trousers with pleats you haven’t seen since the ’80s. If you live in London you might have seen Afghani immigrants wearing baggy sand-coloured pleat-front trousers, that the look you’re going for. The pleats add volume, and if carefully done won’t make you look like a moron US banker. The guys in the two images above have perfected the look by keeping it casual, the last thing you want when you’re trying out a new trend is for it to scream "Look! I’m trying something new!" See after the jump for some slouchy trousers and product links.

Photos courtesy of The Sartorialist

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