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Diesel Underdenim underwear is for low slacks, not “Never Nude” dudes

By Gerald Lynch on October 3rd, 2012

Diesel Underdenim

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Picture 2 of 7

Under…denims? That’s the new underwear push from Diesel, who’ve put together a new range of “Underdenim” trunks for men who like to wear their slacks low with a bit of cheek on show, otherwise known as the “Most Dumbest Fashion Fad Eva”.

Misleading marketing be-damned, they’re made of cotton rather than denim (which we’re certain your knackers will be thankful for), and are designed to blend in with your jeans if you’re “riding low batty”.

The argument then surely is to just invest in a belt instead and keep your trousers pulled up, but then we’d all look like Tories or something is what I assume is being inferred here.

Yours for £20 a pop from Diesel, we’re just a little bit disappointed that they don’t have a touch more influence from  Tobias “Never Nude” Funke of Arrested Development fame:

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Paul Smith navy swim shorts

By admin on May 19th, 2008

paul smith navy swim shorts trunks.jpgHopefully this summer will sound the sartorial death knell for knee-length boardshorts. They’re fine on teenagers and actual surfers, but on a twenty or thirty-something male the look is a bit tragic.

Something a little more tailored and fitted looks far more fashion-savvy, these Paul Smith shorts are a reasonable £45 and look a lot more stylish than post-pubescent baggies. The neutral colour combination is so chic people will mistake you for a classy European on the beach. Team with Reebok classics at your peril!


Italian swim trunks

By ShinyMedia on April 24th, 2007

Ever fancied lounging around the beach or pool in the summer looking like a Lothario? Ever felt like haveing more holiday romances than days away? Ever wanted to feel the sun beating down under a thick carpet of chest hair? Then these are the shorts for you. Parade around with the Italian flag festooned upon your body, and let the brass buckle show off your tan. It also comes with cute little cinching buckles, and costs $35 from Rice and Beans Vintage.

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