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ASOS tiger print tshirt

By admin on April 16th, 2009

asos tiger tshirt multi sale.jpg

Is this t-shirt going to convince everybody? I’m not certain, but priced at just £6 in the Asos sale I’m sure some people could be persuaded.

The tiger print is, of course, the most superior of animal prints suggesting feline fun and power. In bright fadeout colours it’s perfect for the summer, and will look great with a pair of tailored shorts and pastel deck shoes, like the ones suggested by Colin, below for a sugar-sweet take on the preppy look.

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We Like This: Ironic Sans T-Shirt for Hairy Chests

By admin on March 24th, 2009

hirsute tshirt ironic sans.jpg

It’s not in production yet but we like this t-shirt, a lot. Made for men of a hairy persuasion it features a clever cutout to make a features of your chestwig. The creators, Ironic Sans want to feature a range of hirsute celebs including Harpo Marx, and Bob Dylan, although I think they should hold off from making any trousers!

[Source: Ironic Sans, via: Buzzfeed]

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Silas Winter Lookbook

By Jonathan Smith on November 25th, 2008


A while ago when Silas pulled out of the UK I was pretty gutted because at the time they were my favorite brand due to the fact that their T-Shirts fit so damn well, the actual design of the T’s were less important to me but to be fair these were just as great. Silas has returned to the UK (though the brand still concentrates on its much larger following in Japan) and has grown up a wee bit with some smarter pieces to their range such as the awesome knitwear and coats featured in this winter 08 lookbook put together by Unbar.

Jump through to look through the book…

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Brandish Inspiration: Topman Latest Trend- Block Heads

By Will Reid on November 20th, 2008


Click To Enlarge

For AW08-09, Topman has created a video showcase of their latest collection- Block Heads. Model James Mclean poses in what Topman tells is a trend “inspired by the look of a Dickensian gypsy mixed with influences from the deep south.” We get a glimpse of what we will no doubt be wearing by Christmas and the video really projects what the look is all about- a poetic Grunge with not a slight hint of Luke Worrall.

“Bib front t-shirts are worn under a waistcoat and double breasted cardigans, topped off with a black padded donkey jacket for a military feel. Big accessories for this trend include a selection of trilby hats and scarves worn with tweed trainers or brogues.” Winter’s never looked so good!

Check the video here.

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Ellen Stagg x Mishka just won’t be out done

By Jonathan Smith on November 13th, 2008


Hot on the heels of yesterdays Terry Richardson x Supreme post comes news of the Ellen Stagg x Mishka 2009 calendar and t-shirt, proving once more that these photographer/clothing company collabs just won’t be out done by one another. This collab is slightly more promising however with a calendar AND t-shirt to choose from. “WOW” I hear you cry, and WOW would be right because this calender is full of tits and bums, typical of Stagg’s provocative style of scantily clad photography.

Jump through for more images of the calender and t-shirt, though just FYI, these are not safe for work- which made things interesting for me uploading these on my lunch break.

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Terry Richardson x Supreme

By Jonathan Smith on November 12th, 2008

supreme-terry-richardson-tshirts-1-540x532.jpg[Click image to enlarge]

These days you’ve not made it as a photographer unless you have your own collaboration and line of t-shirts with one of the many street fashion brands and Terry Richardson, not to be out done by the likes of Richard Kern is at it again with Supreme.

I have mixed feelings about Terry Rchardson, a lot of his photography is just amusing porn, which you can by no means hate him for though at the same time it’s nothing awe inspiring but then you stumble on something wonderful such as the image of Vincent Gallo dressed as Jesus- which is awesome. These tees unfortunately fall short of being amusing porn or Jesus costumes with only Terry’s signature on the back to differentiate them from something art students make in their spare time, i.e. the image is too small and they look plain cheap.

As collabs go this is pretty lame, however if you are a Terry fan then release details will be on their way soon!

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