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The best selling items this Christmas in the US so far – North Face Coats, the iPad 2 (!?) and your worst fashion nightmare

By Stefano on December 5th, 2012

Yep according to industry fashion bible WWD the big story in retail in the US in the last couple of weeks has been the revival of, wait for it, Ugg boots. Yep the surprisingly comfy, yet utterly hideous boots are once again a huge hit with the guys and gals across the Pond. Haven’t they (or at least the women) read this?

As for the other stuff that’s flying out of the stores, well Coach handbags and North Face coats are selling well, and in the tech space it is all about the iPad (with the 2 apparently outselling the 4!?), Google Nexus 7 and Dr Dre Beats headphones.

Anyhow you can read more about the list on WWD here. And look at a much better shopping list here.


A warning from Brandish: Man Clips

By Jonathan Smith on January 14th, 2009


Remember a few years ago when it was all the rage amongst so called “men” to wear hair bands and scrape back their long greasy hair? Yeah me too and it looks like dark times are upon us once again as images of a very bearded Joaquin Phoenix sporting some “man clips” are floating around the information super highway. Like anything in the fashion world prefixed with the word “man” it looks and is a bag of crap, nothing angers me more than idiotic man-hair with the possible exception of men in Ugg Boots, even men in make up fails to hit quite so high on the richter scale.

If this turns into a fully blown trend then I will go postal.

[Source: Beauty and the Blog]


Ugg Boots for men. Why?

By admin on February 21st, 2008

Why is anyone still wearing Ugg
? I haven’t run a survey or anything, but a lot of people seem to be
wearing them lately. Due to thousands of women deciding to give Uggs a go again,
someone has tried selling Ugg boots to men. Presumably in the mistaken belief
that one idiot will be brave enough to risk looking like they steal their
girlfriends footwear.

Uggs are bad enough on women, they make
whoever’s wearing them look like they just gave up when it comes to footwear. But on men they look horrendous. Still, if any man wants to look like Superted,
they can do so with the help of ASOS.

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