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V&A’s Cold War Modern badge collection

By admin on August 29th, 2008

cold war modern v&a badge collection.jpg
There’s nothing like a good badge to add a bit of interest to your outfit. I’m not talking about those cheesy badges you get from head shops when you’re 14 but more the homemade, pictoral and arty make a nice little addition to a plain top or tee.
The V&A’s Cold War Modern badge collection is near perfect with slogans like ‘Blast’ and ‘Fall-out’ and my favourite, a pigeon. Who doesn’t love pigeons? At the bargain price of £3 they’re well worth the purchase and will look a lot better than your usual ‘take me to your dealer’ cobblers.

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Fashion Vs. Sport

By Jonathan Smith on August 7th, 2008


The link between fashion and sport is undeniable, even the fashion heavyweights such as Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry have history in sporting activities of various types. Assuming you’re not head to toe in bespoke suit and a pair of wingtips it’s an almost certainty that you’re wearing some kind of sportswear, unless of course you’re reading this naked. In which case kudos.The link is even more noticeable in the street fashion scene with uber-weight sport’s companies like Adidas and Nike pretty much owning the game with vintage re-releases and limited editions.

The Fashion Vs. Sport exhibition at the V&A started this week and is running through to the 4th of January. The exhibition explores in depth the link between sport and fashion and looks to be a bloody fun and educational afternoon out. For more info get over to the V&A’s website here.

To celebrate the exhibition I have knocked together my top 5 sport fashion items, check them out after the jump!

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China Design Now exhibition at the V&A

By admin on March 26th, 2008

china design now v&a.jpg
Left: Chen Shaohua, Graphic Design in China exhibition, poster, 1992. Right: Runyo, PK and HIMM, Nike Year of the Dog Air Force 1, shoes, designed 2005.

The V&A’s China Design Now kicked off a couple of weeks ago and it looks like a visual feast. It’s a compilation of the best in architecture, graphic design, photography and fashion from the world’s biggest manufacturer. It’s the first exhibition of its kind in the UK and seeing as we’ll all be speaking Chinese in a few years anyway I’m definitely going to head over and get a head start in some design swotting!

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