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Valentine’s Day Special #2 Helen Love – Debbie Loves Joey

By Stefano on February 14th, 2013

A spot of Helen Love on Valentine’s Day. The band, or is it just a singer I never really knew, even has Love in their/her name, making this gem of a song about the pairing of two New York punk icons ever more appropriate.

This is undoubtedly the best description of teenage romantic dreaming in small town Britain ever. Chat up lines don’t get much better than

When she met him she was standing in a pure white light
He said “You like the Sex Pistols,
Have you got a light?”
And all the stars were shining on a perfect Saturday night

Let’s hope they are still together.

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Valentine’s Day – the stuff he actually wants. Gadgets, clothes and more

By Stefano on February 6th, 2013

For her – It is Valentine’s Day in less than a week and your bloke is, as we speak, preparing an amazing day which involves chocolates, flowers, a candlelit meal and chapter seven of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The last time this level of planning went into anything they called it D-Day.  So shouldn’t you show him how much you love him? Forget the crap socks and that soppy card you were thinking about and get him what he really wants. Here are few ideas to help.

For him – Oops, you better get a move on, garage flowers won’t cut it again this year. Might be worth sticking this list in front of her – if you have been a good boy that is.

Ion Audio LP2Go £50

Picture 1 of 14
Picture 1 of 14

Vinyl to go for £50. This is a very small turntable, which as it doesn't have a large platter can be tucked away in bags etc. It has a built in speaker and can be powered by mains, battery or USB. Firebox


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Valentine’s Day – Lingerie buying guide for men

By Laura on February 10th, 2012

Valentines day is next week, so we imagine many of you will running around this weekend trying to find the perfect gift.
To help you out we spoke to Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Lingerie Design at M&S, to find out her top five fail-safe tips to help you choose your lady the ideal lingerie gift for Valentine’s Day…

If she’s an elegant and sophisticated dresser, look for luxurious fabrics and detailing. If she likes to feel feminine and pretty go for lace and florals, and if she’s a bit of a fashionista then keep your eye out for on-trend prints and jewelled colours.

Don’t just guess! Raid her lingerie drawer, look for something she has bought recently and loves wearing, and write the size down. You won’t be in her good books for buying lingerie that’s too small, or too big, and she’s much more likely to wear it if it fits well and feels comfortable to wear.
The shape is really key because some women love wearing balcony bras, (a traditional style which gives maximum uplift and a fuller shape) whilst others love wearing plunge bras (a modern shape which lowers / dips in the centre and gives a great cleavage). Brazilian knickers are the knicker shape of the moment, but she might be a short or even a thong fan. Don’t feel overwhelmed – get clues from her existing collection to see what she feels suits her best.

Every girl loves luxurious lingerie so consider silk lingerie as her special gift. Silk lingerie will be on every woman’s wish list so treat her to something special because it feels extravagant and sensual to wear.

If you’re worried about getting her bra size wrong then consider nightwear or loungewear. Pyjama dressing and vintage glamour looks are so on trend right now you can’t fail but to get it right – and guarantee cosy winter nights in cuddling by the fire. Every woman loves pretty, cosy PJ’s.

Yes, red and black sets can be extremely sexy, but there’s so much more choice in lingerie and sleepwear today that you can really be sure to choose something that will be loved by you both and won’t end up hiding at the back of her draw.
If you are far too embarrassed to venture in to a lingerie department, don’t fret because lots of retailers offer products online with next day delivery. Choose wisely and you are sure to have a memorable Valentine’s Day!

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No plans for Valentine’s day? Do the Funky Chicken

By admin on February 14th, 2009

If you’re dateless for Valentine’s Day the you should just take some tips from Rufus Thomas on this video of Stax Record’s music festival in 1972. Just don a pair of pink shorts, matching pink shirt with ruffles and do the funky chicken, it worked for him and the crowd of 40,000 people and I’m sure it will work for you.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this anywhere except your front room or bedroom, but it will definitely beat sobbing against a rainy window to the Smiths.

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Scrub up for Valentine’s Day with a free facial at Kyoku’s pop-up salon

By admin on February 4th, 2009

kyoku pop up salon valentines mens pic.jpg

The jury’s still out concerning your valentine’s day options, so treat yourself to a bit of a scrup-up and polish at the Kyoku pop-up salon in Mayfair… For free!

From 10th to 13th of February you can try their Volcanic Minerals Facial experience: you’re greeted with a detoxifying green tea and peppermint cocktail and for 40mins you’ll get scrubbed, massaged and pampered using the Kyoku products. All you have to do is log onto their website and make a booking for your free treatment. Whether you’re meeting up with your sweetheart, going out on the town or treating yourself to a KFC bucket at home, doing it with a freshly pampered face will make it all that much sweeter.


How will you be spending Valentine’s this year?

By admin on February 3rd, 2009

paul smith heart cufflinks valentine.jpgIt’s less than two weeks to the day which, depending on your opinion, is either a way to express your romantic side or a pointless greetings card fest.

We’re busy planning gift ideas on Catwalk Queen which will come in useful if you have a girlfriend, but what will you be up to if you are single, cynical, or have a boyfriend?

Take our poll and let us know what you’ll be up to this 14th of February, or sound off on our Facebook Blog Networks page!

Paul Smith cufflinks, Harrods: £45.

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Brandish Pick of the Blogs

By ShinyMedia on January 31st, 2008

BondcraigsuitquantumSanyetta Baptiste writes:

From attractive men in Louis Vuitton jewellery to Valentine’s Day advice for the gents, Mr. MSR surely knows the way to a woman’s heart.  Take notes guys!
The new James Bond is tailor made to perfection.  And you can be too. A Suitable Wardrobe reveals the names of America’s top bespoke tailors.  At half the price, you can’t lose.

Strange things are happening at Manolo Men.  Men in blonde shaggy wigs, earmuffs the size of your head…Some trends should be avoided at all cost.

From basic clothing necessities to interview attire, fashion is made simple at And Shirts.

The advice of Sir Hardy Amies and Men’s Flair suggested men’s wear reads will definitely keep your little black book filled.

Dirty by day…Dapper by night. She Knows Best revea
the top ten fall looks
for the well-rounded man.


Valentine’s day Air Force Ones

By admin on January 11th, 2008


Ever tried saying I love you with trainers?
No? Well now you can with these Valentine’s day Air Force Ones ($79.99). Nike are clearly determined to be ahead of the Valentines
curve and have started selling what are basically red AF1′s since the start of

Also, seeing as these are women’s trainers,
it’s not made entirely clear whether you’re supposed to buy her a pair (she may
not even like AF1′s) or you’re supposed to wear them yourself as a symbol of
your undying love for her and Nike. Seeing as they run up to size 11, I’d say
the latter.

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