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Vyconic’s Vintage Radiogram Coffee Table

By Stefano on January 3rd, 2013

We have featured Vyconic before on our best retro gadgets round up, but here’s another gem they have rustled up.

Vyconic, basically designer Andrew Fitzgerald, specialises in breathing new life into old tech such as making clocks out of of a vintage record player or an old school PlayStation. His most ambitious project to date is this radiogram which has morphed from being a record player into coffee table that’s also kitted out with speakers for hooking up to your smartphone/MP3 player.

It is very striking but at £2,000 doesn’t come cheap. If you like the idea it sounds like Andrew is up for commissions. You can find him here.

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The 8 retro gadgets that you actually might want to own – Crosley, Fujifilm, Timex and more

By Stefano on November 20th, 2012

A few years ago retro gadgets seemed like quite a fun idea. Oh how we chuckled when we saw that iPhone case made to resemble a 1970s Motorola brick. And yep I loved all those games consoles styled like ones I had a few decades ago yet stacked out with contemporary processors and graphics cards.

Somewhere along the line though it all went a little too crazy. Now every gadgets site has a bonkers array of iPhone cases designed to look like ancient devices and music players that take their style cues from a few decades ago. And sad to say that an awful lot of what is being produced is, whisper it, not that great.

So finding 10 retro gadgets that are actually quite stylish as well as being rather useful too proved to be quite a tough task,. In the end we gave yup at 8, so if you do know of any others we can use to pad out the list let us know in the comments.

Links to the various products are included under the pics.

Vyconic Record Player Clock £145

Picture 8 of 8
Picture 8 of 8

Vyconic do many interesting things with record players. This is the stand out of their range for me. It has a Quartz clock mechanism, silent 'sweeping' second hand and is powered by 1x AA battery. You get to choose the artist whose single is playing.


Crosley record player

Fujifilm XF1

Ikon Jukebox

Spectrum bag

Vyconic clock

Philips Radio

Timex 80


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