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Outfit Pick: The Waistcoat Done Well?

By Will Reid on September 8th, 2008

waistcoat.jpgJust last week, Brandish editor Isabelle asked the general fashion public if the waistcoat could ever be worn well. We were subjected to the torture of Boyzone (whose waistcoat crimes can also be seen here,) and then buttered up with stories of white waffle and petrol blue. Now, I’ve created an outfit out of an All Saints waistcoat and looked to Frank Sinatra for tailoring inspiration.

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Love The Look- Bruce Almighty Gangster Does Religion with Kane (But No Abel)

By Will Reid on July 18th, 2008

bruce almighty christopher kane.jpgI was recently watching Bruce Almighty and during the infamous Monkey-Butt scene (I try to be a serious journalist,) I was struck with the cold slap of sartorial envy.

Okay, maybe not envy but definite recognition. The Gangsta friend was wearing a torn denim waistcoat and high-waisted trousers similar to not only Christopher Kane’s show of last season but to the Gisele editorial of V54.

Check the image and appreciate how unbelievably on trend this man is!

(Image: Youtube/ Marcio Madeira for

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Frock Horror Revisited- Paul Smith does Heather Mills

By Will Reid on March 28th, 2008

heather mills macartney paul smith waistcoat.jpg
Last week, as news was released of the Macca divorce settlement, my brother Doug (as well as the lovely Kim over at Catwalk Queen) brought my attention to the criminal costume of Miss Mills.

Was it Westwood? McQueen? The (ex-) McCartney herself? Well no dear brother, it appears that her suit may have been Paul Smith. I was sifting through the menswear Paul Smith PS collection and came across this waistcoat from the legendary Brit. Basking in the sunlight of indie styling and candid-style photography, this waistcoat is a perfect example of menswear doing it better.

(Image Source: Getty Images)

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