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WISHLIST: Alexander McQueen Photo-Print Blazer Down To £258 from £865!

By Will Reid on August 22nd, 2008

Thumbnail image for mcqueen.jpgWhile potentially worrying and probably not at all a good sign, Andy Warhol’s ‘Death Scenes’ have always interested me. His principle was that by repeating the same image of a man impaled on a lamp-post (that’s just one of the prints,) death became strangely banal. This blazer might not be all blood ‘n’ guts (which with McQueen’s history is rather surprising,) but it is undeniably interesting. With city scenes and a fitted shape, this jacket could be worn at work, in the park, at a party and even to a music festival. I like that Matches put it with jeans for a modern edge and if I could afford the £258 price tag, I would go for a crisp white shirt and an Alber Elbaz-style floppy bow-tie. In faded, purple velvet. *Sigh*

Blazer, £258,

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Brand Profile: The Generic Man

By admin on August 12th, 2008

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Generic Man are a brand who believe in the no logo approach to clothing. So much so that they’ve created a whole new term to describe the person who’s interested in clothes without logos. That term is ‘newdult’.

According to the Brandon Day and Kevin Carney, the creators of Generic Man, “The generic man doesn’t need branding and logos to make him feel confident or stylish. He understands the significance of quality construction and clean, simple, refined lines. The generic man is confident enough in himself to accept simplicity.”

Regardless of whether you like the term ‘newdult’ or not, The Generic Man have created a wearable collection that can easily fit into anyone’s wardrobe.

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