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Smith’s hot summer tip!

By Jonathan Smith on April 3rd, 2009

Right I found it really tough to come up with something to suggest as my hot tip for the summer because my wardrobe changes very little for the summer months I simply wear less of it, so in that vein I’ve gone for AW09 favorite- the cable / heavy weight knit wear.

If you, like me, have stocked up on this stuff through the cooler months there is no need to moth ball it for the warmer ones, yes when layered wool is hot as hell but if you throw this over a vest or a t-shirt and shorts then it breathes enough to keep you cool in the day time but holds it’s warmth to keep the chill off when the sun finally sets. Luckily for those who have been staying clear of the knitwear the last few season -though I’m not sure why you would have- picking up a few pieces doesn’t have to break the bank, the featured piece below from Topman comes in at a cool £40, so you have no excuse.



David Mitchell’s astonishing weight loss

By admin on May 28th, 2008

david mitchell weight loss.jpgAre you as surprised as me to see David Mitchell’s weight loss? The Peep Show actor was out on the town for the première of Fat Pig, Kris Marshall’s (that guy off of My Family and the awful BT adverts) new play.

Without the little ring of chub circling his face Mitchell looks kind of normal and well-adjusted. Which is a shame because I quite liked the creepy perma-boy look, I can’t really imagine his slim self sitting in his room playing War Hammer and obsessively crushing on some poor woman.

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