Alan Partridge was right – why Wings are the band Beatles could have been #BeatlesWeek

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OK, so I am not entirely serious, but up until a few years ago most of those snobby pop culture critics had a bit of a problem with Paul McCartney’s 70s output. It may have been that while Lennon was undergoing primal scream therapy and singing about Working Class Heroes Macca was playing happy families on his remote Scottish farm. Or more likely that at the height …

Forget Adele and Skyfall, these are the best James Bond songs EVER

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Gun sights darting from each edge of the screen. The iconic theme kicks in. A man in a tuxedo walks into view, turns to the camera. BANG! Fade to red. BOND IS BACK! We’re just weeks away from the release of Skyfall, Daniel Craig’s third outing as 007, and the 23rd adventure for the world’s most famous spy. Today’s also …

Jeremy Scott and Adidas- I really like it, I mean hate it

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The first lovely preview of the Adidas x Jeremy Scott colab is upon us, and I’m looking to those who boldly go where I choose not to… no, fear to tread. Those who say yes to leopard print and knocked off Armani. To those who still rock a greasy mullet and large faux jewel earings. That’s right, I’m looking to the Portuguese and their king Cristiano Ronaldo.