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Little Leon – Number one style icon?

By admin on December 28th, 2007

LeonIt was inevitable that he was going to get the Christmas number one – his name is Noel spelled backwards after all – and I know he only won Xfactor by virtue of being the only finalist who didn’t make your flesh crawl, but I really rate Little Leon Jackson’s sense of style. I’m sure a lot of you have now lost what little respect you might have for me, but so what? It’s Christmas and I’m drunk. I like what the kid wears.
An explanatory note for non-Brits follows after the jump.
I first realised he might be sartorially gifted when I saw him in leather trousers and didn’t instantly think of Nicky Clarke. My next clue was the double-breasted waistcoat he wore a couple of weeks ago. And the hooded pea-coat in this picture is quite special (anyone know where it’s from?).
Now, many people have said to me that its all due to the show’s stylist, but this is the same stylist who dressed the gorgeous Aleisha in a pink dress and matching hair bow, so I think Leon should be given his due.
Of course it helps that he’s so teeny-tiny but I’ll be watching with interest to see how this one develops…
[Pic via Gettyimages]

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